I personally hate summers!! I feel scared of entering into the summer season..Ther are many reasons like power cuts, sweat and laziness, increased bills of Electricity, cool beverages and vacays... many things collectively make summer an enemy for me. For some people like Olaf from Frozen movie, Summer is the best season but Not for me!!

One must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter-- Henry David Thoreau..

Summer and its heat is not a new thing for Indians.We are adapted to this weather and are really blessed with it.But, We must maintain the summer situations in life though we have many other issues. Summer,though being not a comfort period for most of the people out there, is the important season. I will quote a few examples of why summer is important!!

  1. Summer is a shift from greenery to dryness in our surroundings like trees, gardens, our body, rivers, lakes, ponds and more.... This season is a shift season where we can learn to adapt and improve... I learn new summer hacks every summer season... like wise.. animals are learning to adapt in this polluted environment, trees dry and prepare themselves for fresh life in rainy season.

2 Summer is a season which is a test of patience that gives sweet success... Students strive hard to attain good ranks and they do it with patience, Old people deal with summer fatigue patiently, We deal with summer heat patiently... See!! summer allows us to practise patience.

3 Summer provides an oppurtunity to have the fun of having cool drinks that refreshes mind, body and soul... I mean you cant have the cold shower or a cool drinkin a winter or a rainy day... Some people may... But I am not. Summer makes people to understand the value of refreshment that is required for a human being.

4 Summer allows to have vacations for all genres of people which helps us to practise stress free life.. Summer also gives way to have a change in a lifestyle... Some teenagers start to learn new hobbies like music, skating, drawing, reading, abacus and many more. Summer allows us to push our limits further and do something out of the box in this particular season as it has holidays.

5 Summer also makes us to learn in depth about having hope.. Farmers will be filled with hope for a beautifulrainfall.. We peple also wait for rain to cool this hot earth. Hope is important and Summer helps us to have a hope... Hope for the best!!

6 Summer gives way to have cordial relations with our relatives and neighbours. Yes.. This might be strange but in the past... People used to visit their relatives houses and used to stay there and exchange gifts.. Nowadays, People are runnng after vacations but.. Relations are important and Summers helps us to realise that better, Summer helps us to learn more about responsibilities.. like helping in household chores and more.

There are many other points in mind but I will write and share them later... Untill then Enjoy summer as SUMMER IS IMPORTANT!! Beat the summer heat with AC's On and Mobiles attached to your hands all the time in the vacay!!..

I am sharing some summer memes that I found Funny...

Well,, This is the wrap for this article. Look up above the phone as there are many diamonds around you while you are scrolling for dust and ash on mobile screens.Many people are even striving for having water... But as Indians we must make sure to save water and provide water for birds and animals..Ciao!!



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