A short story---
Being a girl from small town, I have always dreamt of having my own house near my work place. I was living in rented apartment in a city and was feeling sick of it. So , I started house hunt using some websites. Meanwhile , I came across a home which has lawn , parking lot, pool and whatnot it is as my dream house. It's not for sale so heartbroken returned to my happy apartment. And it talked to me that night.

Apartment: Hello there, trying to vacate me huh? First love's always remembered,right?
Me: OMG!!!! WHAT!!!YOU TALK!!!Thanks, but I don't think you are that, and I don't know that you talk.

Apartment: I saw your struggle to survive out there, your sleepless nights missing your town, freinds and family. I saw how you saved everything to shift to your dream house. And,,,

Me: What ?? You see?? I don't know that!!!
Apartment: I wish you be with me all your life , taking care of me. But, you know, I'm happy for you.

Me: what?? You are talking as if you have feelings and all!!! And any ways , I'm not interested in you anymore , thanks for your concern for me and I can't stay here, I'm now promoted.

I think that time my Apartment felt very bad about my statement, remained silent and never talked with me later.

That night, In shock , of hearing voice of my apartment and in dreams of that villa, I had my dinner , done my chores and was sleeping.

As I was sleeping, in my dream, my parents came and they are very happy with my life. Actually, they were dead and I haven't been to town or my parent's home for a long time. That home was crying in my dream and I was at the front door and that door is not letting me in. I used keys and no use. Then my parents said.

"You were born and raised here. You had your memorable childhood here. When you left , we were sad , that your room was empty, you weren't there at dining table, you not there at church choir, you not there tending dandelions you planted every birthday.

But, we were happy for you. You became huge success. But , we thought you would visit us on Thanks giving, Christmas etc. You never came. You ran after money. You never thought about this loving home and your diseased parents. This place , this home lost its colours. Remember that It's not money that keeps you alive and happy all your life but memories, love and all little things. Remember, you are going to have that villa, fill it with love and not money. "

They said that and I woke up with surprise because I couldn't understand what happening around.

The next morning , I woke up, I saw my apartment and remembered how it helped in my survival in the city. So, I decided to buy my apartment and renovate it. So, I spent my savings for renovation. My apartment is now new but with only me and without love .

Then, I decided to leave for my town and I shifted my stuff and everything to my town. When I went to my parent's home, it was without life, wrecked and looked like a haunted house. It was scary to see ,So, I decided to renovate this home to my dream home. I started working for it , saving money for this work and one fine day ,I came across my parent's personal stuff having will and some poems. I sort of liked the poems which are full of warmth and love as if my parents were there, talking with me . I finally got this poems published, they were a huge hit. I got fame, money and love of my parents again. I made the town house a beautiful place like I used to dream with lawn and all . It was all dandelions in my lawn. I named my town home DANDELION.

Meanwhile, my neighborhood was so friendly and I met a girl who's ambitious and talented and always wanted to follow her dreams. As my apartment is new and all alone, I let her live there and she filled that apartment with all memories of town , her parents and warmth . Then , I thought Building house is easy but making a home is typical. Her name is Jenny and she became my best freindand made my apartment home , she calls it " Amigo" . That apartment had been Amigo to everyone who resides in it, thanks to Jenny.

There came a phase in my life, where I had to move to capital city. I continued publishing poems and so was sad leaving my town and all. I was confused about this and went to town church . There I saw some orphans singing sweetly in choir,I was amazed and I got to know that they were searching for a place to live. Then, my brain and heart made me to make my parent's home dandelion more lively. I then gave that home to that orphan organisation and we named that place " Love and dream".That place made me dream and love and taught me building homes.

Now, I am a story writer, wife and mother to two beautiful kids. I am living in my dream home "Haven" in capital city, but it's really hard to make a home than house.Here , we have lawn, pool , parking lot and even playground for kids. Now, I remember the day I saw a villa with all amenities and say this villa I was dreaming my whole life , I got best one, Haven full of love and memories with loved ones. But, seriously , I miss my town, "love and dream" ,"Amigo" and Jenny the most. Even we move on in life , scale new heights, we should never leave our dear ones behind. We have to follow and catch dreams but we have to be loving to each other . Though being rich and classy, without love in home, it seems to me like a hotel or lodge or something like that. So, the point I am trying to make here is To make home out of love in house made of stone. So, my house hunting process is still going on filling many houses with Love and memories of warmth as long as I can.