Job Vs Career In Terms Of Education.

Nissi Keerthi
May 06, 2019   •  37 views

Today I was reading a Newspaper and I saw there were lot of advertisement regarding admissions in various courses. And when I went to job corner section I couldn't find the opportunities respectively. This was not the case 40 years ago where our grand parents got jobs right after their studies. This is tech-age where jobs are not as reward points in some Android game.

Lots of qualified graduates are roaming on streets in job hunt. But according to a survey, graduates are lacking necessary skills required for a job. In India, having a government job in hand is possible only with hard work but not by luck. I have seen so many gettingadmitted themselves in various courses and coaching centres to have a job in hand. Even placements couldn't help people as they are unpredictable and strenuosby nature.

The thing is, Indian graduates not satisfied with small amount of salary but at start they need big figures of money, luxurious life, big car etc. Students are not coming forward to become entrepreneurs because they are afraid of failure and somehow the situations around them like society and family asking them for a job and not a startup.

It's been incorporated in the student’s mind that failure is a bad thing and people with failure are really foolish. Government of India is trying to make young entrepreneurs but their schemes are not yet been introduced to public properly. Government of India is recruiting many youth across India through their skill development centres and helping the upliftment of lower caste people.

The problem that I came across in many students is that they are lazy. They are afraid of exams and results. They are afraid of their parents and Society regarding their settlement. There afraid of their peers who are more talented. But every child and every graduate is unique. Everyone has their own different skill.

And their skills has to be enhanced for their better mental and social development. In this growing India, More enterprenuers has to be born to eradicate this unemployment scenario. We have many examples of some people becoming entrepreneurs and becoming successful in their own careers. Students are to be made to learn about this people and had to be encouraged to catch their own dreams.

In a country of cultural skills and diversity, these days we are not able to see any classical forms of dance or any form of sport or painting or poetry be encouraged among children. These were all exercised by maestro s and now they are long forgotten. In this 21st century, India's digitalised but cultural India's forgotten.

There are more fields other than Engineering or medicine that can help you flourish in one's life. If these are not taken care of they will be forgotten. Government of India has to encourage students to take part in these other activities to make India more talented.

Getting a government job leads to ultimate settlement of one's life. But the castism became a hurdle to many job aspirants and are making them discouraged. Despite these hurdles, there are many aspirants who got settled and are living happily.

So, as a graduate one has to keep in mind that if he is a job aspirant, he cannot get tired until he achieve his dream job. If he wants to do out of box, there are many chances to become an entrepreneur, supply jobs to many graduates and turnyourself into a job maker. So getting admitted in any course should help one to get more versatile. An Indian student has to be multi talented than being intelligent. When student becomes more talented ,confident ,trustworthy ,honest and intelligent, our India will be home to many skills, arts, research and development, beauty and better future. Then the admissions to opportunities ratio will be equal.

As an citizen of India, we have to make sure that students of these days should acquire more talents than we possess to make India a brighter Nation. Children have to be encouraged to be more confident, creative, enthusiastic and active. So many people say that education system has to be changed but that change should start from every Indian family. Every Indian family should encourage their children to pursue their dreams . Government of India can help people to pursue their dreams by encouraging them financially. But the change should start from every individual that they have to do something for the society to make it better everyday.Let's hope for this change in the days to come.



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You write very well. I hope you get maximum audience.
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