Sorry for a long break!! But... We all take break but... Not some things. Things like time, Our home ,The Earth, nature and its evolution .. These things does not take break. I don't know why they simply won't take a break. May be the clock's ticking out, I think?!! let's see more about this clock.. Shall we?

Humans are designed to take rest naturally through sleep. Animals, birds, fishes and Plants also have sleep as a natural rest. But, planets, stars and heavenly bodies don't rest. They never took rest. It they took rest for a second, We can't imagine fate of the cosmos. They might be working restlessly because their time is ticking out.

True.. There is a universal clock that we don't know of. This clock has a particular time period for every being in the universe... Well, I don't know about aliens being immortal (A wild guess). But, Yes, See around us.. everything has a certain period.. Human life, usage period of a thing or medicine or even the crust of the earth we stand on.. These all things have a certain period. After that, These are all vanished. Their time ran out.

Well, where is this clock? Many theists say that this time is in God's hands. Yes, Inventor of universe must rule it under a time that no one can understnad. There fore,this invisible clock is the measure of the timeperiod of every being in universe. We dont know anything beyond solar system. Many scientists have been researching for new information about this clock and has found now the black hole that we have known from many wrytups here.

But, some elite scientist groups have made a clock to measure earth's destruction. Yes.. You heard right.There are many clocks to measure time or carbon dating a product. But, A clock that measures future is huge!!

This clock's name is Dooms' Day clock. This clock measures the timefor man- made global catastrophe. The clock was originally set at 7 minutes to midnight in the year 1947. The recent setting was announced in January 2018 as 2 minutes to midnight. Midnight represents doom's day.. The end of Earth. This clock wasset up by Chicago's Bulletin of the atomic scientists. See..We never knew about a clocklike this.

Time's running out for sure. This clock represents the depletion of natural resources of Earth, Extreme danger for future human race and all the war scenes that will be at the world's end resukting in huge pollution and unexpected rise of global warming accompained with melting glaciers of antartica.

Many prophecies sof many religions especially of Christainity are being fulfilled for attaining Earth's destruction. So... spare some time for family, show some love and respect for your well wishers. We never know either an asteroid may hit us or a sudden massive earthquake or tsunami may wipe the earth in a second. I am not making anyone to feel sad or shocked about this catastrophe but a simple could do here. Many people on earth are living without feelings like taking care of parents, Showing love towards family, Repsecting others and many more. For everything, This is not time.. But TIME LIMIT.. Remember that!!

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