IPL is an acronym of Indian premier League is a professional T20 league happened in India during March, April and May.This league is celebrated as an Indian Fetsival that is being folllowed by many Indians and Cricket Fans all around the world. This league is a cricket game played by Eight different teams being represented by eight different places of India. This league was founded by BCCI, mainly by Lalit Modi , founder and commissioner of the league in 2008.

There have been 11 seasons played in this tournamnet. Let's see the teams that are being played this year and some teams that played int he past. This year, IPL season started on 23 rd March.

  • Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has been the favorite team of most Indians as this team's captain is MS Dhoni, The Captain Cool. This team represents Chennai,Tamilnadu. This team has won Three seasons. This team even faced a 2 year ban due to match fixing but now won accolades of IPL audience as ban was lifted. This team also won 2018 season title too.

  • Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians (MI) is also a popular IPL team that was first captained by Sachin Tendulkar, The cricket good.This team represents Mumbai, Maharastra. Many good players play in this team and this team is owned by Nitu Ambani and the present captain is Rohit Sharma the fine player of Indian Cricket. Tis team has also won three seasons.

  • Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a famous team owned by Sharukh Khan, The Bollywood King and represents Kolkata. This team won two seasons and the present captain is Dinesh Karthik, A good wicket Keeper of India Team. Many players like Russel, Gambhir etc also played in this team.

There are other teams namely, Rajasthan Royals--Owned By Shilpa Shetty , Royal Challengers Bangalore--The most hyped team cuz the captain is Kohli and many hitters, SunRisers Hyderabad- representing Hyderabad, Kings XI Punjab-- Owned by Preitty Zinta and Delhi daredevils.

Advantages Of IPL:

  • Creates more marketing by advertising, organising matches, attracting audience and many more.

  • Very profitable for team owners,players and marketers associated with tthe team or game.

  • Provides a great small talk topic and becomes a good gossip matter.

  • Allows to interact among many cricket players and knowing their skills in the game.

Disadvantages of IPL:

  • Very time wasting for students and Indian Youth.

  • Loss of money for tickets and ther betting issues.

  • Not a good option for all the busy bees in India.

This article is all about IPL and I hope I have given the info that every one knows .. well.. Decide once before watching IPL matches and Following the season. Ciao!!



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