Digital marketing is using digital channels for marketing products or content. Using digital marketing, we can promote a normal local brand across the world. Digital marketing always does not need internet and involves tactics of business through phone advertising and social media advertising.

Digital marketing is not that easy as it means. Before opting for digital marketing, one should analyze about the trends on digital media like Whatsapp, Facebook is almost everyone’s favorite so advertising in these platforms would be more beneficial. One should pick up profitable means of digital marketing as there are many options in this field.

Different platforms in Digital marketing:

There are mainly five types of platforms on digital media platforms where we can market and promote products with more profits in less time.

·Social media marketing(SMM)
Social media marketing is youngest and the fasting growing digital platform for marketing. Social media usage is prevalent among most population. Most of youth have accounts in respective social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube etc. So, marketing products among youth becomes much easier in this platform.

Using audio messages, Videos and ads for promoting the product differs from platform to other. Having sponsored videos, having sponsored mails and notifications to your emails and ads in gaming apps has become a common gimmick in this procedure. This type of marketing helps in better branding and creates more market for the product.

·Search engine marketing (SEM)

These days, everyone are using internet irrespective of age. Marketing a product on search engine platforms like Google, Bing etc help businesses gain promotion and easy access to customers. Placing Ads across websites and pages gives wide promotion and the initial cost when compared to others is less. Time and work required for this type of marketing is less and is an effective platform for digital marketing.

Some search engines provide ads related to recently searched product for example if I searched for a keychain and thought of buying it later, the next time my search engine shows the ads of that product along with details like price drop, availability, etc. Therefore, using search engines as a platform for digital marketing is one of the best for most of web users.

·Search engine optimization (SEO)
For marketing a product on digital media, one can have a website and promote the range of products on their websites. If one can’t afford a website, one can offer their ads to be posted on search engines or popular sites and blogs. By SEO, product marketing and branding will be more and without a website (No technical knowledge like HTML), one can market a product easily. Many web developers seek out for digital advertising as they also need to increase traffic to their website. Using SEO also helps in digital marketing.

·Content marketing
When a product has to be marketed digitally, there are certain things to be noted. The information about the product has to be clear and precise. The images and videos provided about the product have to be of high quality. Description about the product should attract a customer. So, having a creative content for publicizing product helps a lot.

One can create and maintain own blog to promote your product. By this way, you can produce content about your own product more convincingly saving lots of money on investing on ads. If you can’t, then promoting a product by using popular bloggers and influential people helps a lot .Therefore, Content writing is one of best platforms for digital marketing as a customer sees in detail about the content provided before he buys it online.

·Marketing through Phone
Phone marketing is oldest procedure for digital marketing. Promoting your product through personal phone calls or by sending a SMS/MMS is one of the foremost methods of digital marketing. This marketing is still prevalent in some areas whereas the response of customers from this marketing is quite less when compared to previous platforms.

These are some platforms that can be used for promoting a product using digital marketing.