The Theory Of Cumulative Stress: How To Be A Step Ahead

Nishu Tripathi
Jul 20, 2019   •  9 views
“Doing something that is productive is a great way toalleviate stredsd. Get your mind doing something that is productive.” —Ziggy Marley

The bucket of health and energy

Think that your health and energy are a bucket of water. In your everyday life there are things which fill your bucket i.e sleep, nutritious food, enjoyment, laughter and other forms of entertainment.

There are also forces that drain your energy such as stress of work or school, exercise, running late and other forms of anxiety and stress.

All drainage factors are not negative. Sometimes to live a productive and healthy life it is important to let go of somethings from that bucket. Positive outputs can also drain your energy over period. Working in a gym, running, office, school they all drain your energy but encourages and makes you produce something valuable.

Theory of cumulative stress

Stress is cumulative, suppose a person has been working out since a long time and which has been working well for them but a certain change in exhaustion of the body which focuses on more hard work may injure the muscles and body therefore body has a pace which he or she can sustain burdening your body or mind will result in relapse of your form. It's important to understand that cumulative stress is what you are dealing with for a ling time even when it's not a matter of life or death.

Keeping Your Bucket Full

If you want to keep your bucket full, you can do it in two ways.

Refill your bucket regularly that means have good sleep of 8 hours, make time for entertainment, laughter and enjoyment, eat good to maintain energy levels and making time to relax and recover your stress.

Once you let the stress and accumulate and drain your energy and bucket and get it empty yout body will crave for rest and will force you to rest in your injury and illness