India is a country which is full of culture and also dull of superstitious beliefs. Superstition refers to following or having a reference for existence of supernatural elements. These beliefs don't have any logic reason and well proven theories related, nor any scientifically proven accuracy.

Superstitions in India Superstition in Indian society is not a new arrival. It has come down to us from the ancient days. During the old days, there were many superstitions in India.Sati, consideration of wind, drought, earthquake etc. are the acts of evil spirits are the example of such Superstition in India in ancient time. Later on, people find the actual logic or cause of those natural calamities and thus those superstitions have been washed out from the society.

Factors behind the superstitions in India– The illiterate people generally fall in the grip of superstitions. They can’t judge an incident from the scientific point of view.

In India, the literacy rate is just 70.44% which is quite low in comparison to other developed countries.

The low literacy rate is a vital factor behind the superstitions in India. In our country a lot of babas and pandits can be found who fool people in the name of religion. By doing so they not only make people fool but also sow the seed of superstitions in India for their own profit.

Some common superstitions in India

• It is not good to have a haircut on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

• It is considered bad luck if a cat crosses from in front of you.

• Saturdays are not auspicious to start a new work.

• Hanging lemon with some chilies will bring good luck to the shop and protect from any evil.

• Number 13 is unlucky for everyone.

• Sweeping floors at Night is nit auspicious.

• A woman cannot enter temple during menstruation.

• Looking at a broken mirror will bring bad luck.

Thus these superstitions need to be abolished from our society and should promote to go forward with the development and encouragement of science and technology.



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