Fiction helps you to sink in the alluring world of written stories, it helps you to keep every thing aside and redirect your thoughts somewhere fascinating and wondrous. Reading novels will make you a better thinker and a patient human being. It is a escape from everything for everyone, you forget everything and just focus on the story line of a novel which helps your brain muscles to relax. Reading is a great habit and it gives you a better exposure and knowledge to tackle the world.

"Knowledge is power!" - Petyr Baelish


Knowledge: Everything you read gives you a bit of information. That information may give you better edge than others and also make you a knowledgeable person therefore the more knowledge you have the more you are ready to face real life challanges.

Vocabulary expansion: The more you read the more vocabularies you get to know. New words give you new ideas. Being articulate and having a bug stock of innovative words will always be beneficial for you in any profession. Good vocabulary means being well-spoken which will help you be the one most deserving one in a big crowd.

Stronger thinking skills: Reading makes you analyse everything, it helps you to critically highlight and examine your work.

Your data gets polished and professionally presented.

Improvement in Concentration: In today's world multi tasking is what is necessary to cope up with running work. It makes a person's attention shattered and distributed towards many work. For this reading everyday will improve and focal point of a person will not be budged. Your attention is on the story and everything in the world falls away, you just focus on your novel and be immersed in beautiful words of wonder.

Better writing skills: writing skills go hand in hand with vocabulary. Well written work always catches everyone's eyes. Reading is what improves and makes your writing skills better, it influences your own work and makes you think just like in the words you read and learnt and mould it into your own creative way.

Mental exercise: Just like the body your brain too needs exercise to keep it working properly. Doing puzzles learning different words, thinking about the story deeply makes your brain cells to work faster and not to be jammed in.