Overpopulation has been a worrisome issue for India since decades. It is a situation when human population is more than the resources and means to feed and sustain them. The world comprises of seven billion people with China being the most populated country followed by India with 133.9 crore of high population. Rapid increase in population has done no good for anyone it is a bane for our economy, our living standards, our development and it has increase the number of poor and also the poverty rate of our country.

Interestingly, America is the third most populated country with 311 million of population which comprise just one fourth of India's population. This gap becomes even more surprising after knowing that America is three times larger than India in size.

Some states of india have outnumbered many countries in terms of population. Uttar Pradesh with 166 million of population has left Russia behind with 146 million of population. Similarly Orissa's population is more than that of Canada.

Causes of Over population

• Lack of education: people who are illiterate are prone to many social and economical backwardness like early age of marriage, high mortality rate, poverty, etc. Uneducated families usually are not able to grasp tge hold of all the disadvantages of illitracy and increasing population rate. They are not aware of usage of contraceptives and birth control measures etc.

• Decrease in death rate: Annual birth rate of decreased from 42 per thousand to 24.8 per thousand. Decreased death rate has tended to grow faster in India.

• Problem of mindset of people: Illiterate and uneducated people tend to inherit their father's behaviour of giving birth to as many children possible to increase the family income.

• Poverty: Many poor parents have many children not just because they don't have any knowledge of contraceptives but because more children would help them to earn more for their livelihood.

• Religious reasons: Orthodox and conservative people are opposed to family planning measures. Thereare women who argue about children being born with God's will and women have been designed to give birth.

Solutions of Overpopulation

Controlling and preventing overpopulation is the key to get over illitracy, poverty, backwardness and economic problems.

• Family Planning:For a good, prosperous and growing nation, it is necessary that its residents are healthy and their numbers are in accordance with the country’s wealth.

• Increase in marriage age:Minimum age of marriage of boys and girls should be increased firmly in all states for now it is 18 for girls and 21 for boys.

• Balanced ratio: It is also a necessity to have qualitative improvement in the population. The gap between the children should be of three years and the number of children should not exceed 2 per family.

• Improvement in public health services: It is necessary to pay attention to public health and cleanliness to increase man’s living standards. In each state, emphasis should be on pollution-free and clean environment to increase economic wealth.

• Proper government policies: Means of education, entertainment and employment should be increased. Our government needs to adopt such policies that not only control the growing population but also check the controlled migration of people and growing of rural areas.

Alarming increase in population of India is which our country needs to over come. Both the government and people have to work together to get rid of this problem. Our earth has limited resources to feed and limited space to live and we must not tear it's core to feed ourselves.



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