Indian education system builds some of the greatest and enthusiastic minds. It trains and educates them in such a way which gives them a better edge than others but it has some pitfalls too, it is believed to be too complex and flawed. It hinders the practical knowledge of students and focuses just on theocratic apprehension. Acquiring highest marks by hook or crook is the main motive of the system.


  • Focus on Marks: Indian schools just focus on grades and quantitative acceleration. They focus on mugging up the chapters and books juat to get good marks. Basic understanding of concept is of least interest for them.

  • Over Burdening: Students are burdened with multiple subjects from smaller classes and are piled up with lots of homework after long hours of school. They are also stressed with regular examinations which is a lot of pressure for youngsters.

  • Lack of practical knowledge: Students are told to focus on theoretical part. Teachers explain everything verbally and students have to just listen and comprehend whatever they are told. The need to implement practical learning is not felt even though it's highly crucial.


  • Provides knowledge of different subjects: Curriculum in India includes vast variety of subjects such as Maths, Science, English, Social science etc. All these subjects are taught from primary school itself so, they begin learning variety of subjects from an early age.

  • Increases Grasping power: Looking at the marks and grading system in India students are required to learn their lessons thoroughly. They need to do that in order and work hard to be at the highest rank than their class mates. They find different ways to grasp better and to learn better. The tools which they adapt to do better is what which enhances their grasping power.

  • Instils Discipline: The schools in India are very particular about their time table, schedule and ethics. They have to follow the rules set by the school.



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well written and really nice topic...
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Thankyou :)