“There’s nothing more addictive or incredible in life than reinventing yourself and allow yourself to be different every day.” —Thalia

As the world revolves, the environment, weather and the climate takes moderate changes so does a human being and his life. In this world where the things are continuously changing, you have to continuously self retrospect yourself, need to know about what you are doing, where you're at and what you can do to make things better for yourself.

As you chase your dreams your passion and your desires, you need to reinvent yourself and your ways in such a way which promises your future success. Your goals are yours to accomplish and with the right mindset you can rearrange your hardwork and existence to become the person you want to be to reach the level you aspire.

Reinventing yourself changes the game of your life. It is a reset button for you. It is a clean slate for you to draw on. Creating the beautiful image you want your life to be.


Social media is either a waste of time, distraction, waste of effort, or perhaps, it’s a crack in the wall between you and the rest of the world. The choice is up to you.

If you’re keeping score of your followers fluctuating, number of comments comments you get or how big your online family is, then you’re measuring the wrong thing, and you’re probably distancing yourself from what matters.

Digital media can offer you a chance to make real connections, earn a living, do what excites you the most and gain insights of people you’d never have a chance to interact with some other way.

Be generous

Today's economy involves trading of talent and of things which don't cost money. There's no cost required to write an essay, yo compose a song or to do anything which showcase your talent. Since it doesn't give you money first you have the ability to give before you get anything.

The generosity of economy rewards people who create their talent and think innovative in circle of gifts. Not just to take but to give and support each other.

Make art

Art is an original gift, a connection that is inbuilt and changes the recipient, a human who is capable and has the ability to make a difference. Art isn't just painting and drawing or writing a poem it's something that anyone can do. If you interact with right people you have the platform and support to create something new.

Art can be risky but it is what builds an artist. It's the risk that leads to reward.


Scarcity adds value to a thing. People pay extra for things that are hard to get and achieve while thinga which are common are really cheap, its basuc economics.

Shipping is difficult, you may have the fear to get fail. If you ship there are people who might laugh at youal and you might be accountable for decisions you make. The key to reinvent is to ship. The catch is to have rare skill that people crave the most and make the best out of it for yourself.


Don't be afraid of failure. Explore and endure it. The marketplace of reinvention is demand which includes the ability to be failed and with grace.

Today, though, the only way for organizations to grow is to work hard —to work hard for risky things, to create and change, to make art, to change people. And yet, it risks failure.


School make you learn. You graduated you learn, you work in the same job in the same place doing the same work. School is not over its still here. It contains blogs, learning, experiments and constant stream of learning and failure.

By this you already took your first step. You learn and failure made you much stronger. It built a character who is eager to learn and to grow.