People born in different age of time are dissimilar in various ways. World is rapidly growing and changing therefore difference between people born in different span of time is inescapable. In india, people born before independence have different mentality and different ways of seeing things than people who are born today. Generation gap refers to difference between two generations. Their ideologies, lifestyle, education, way of living everything differs which leads to conflict due to not having same interests.

Parents have huge expectations from their kids. They have a set image of how their child should behave based on their tradition, values as well as the way the other kids in their extended family are doing. They think they know best about how and what their kids should do in life. Now, the problem arises when the child has a different bent of mind. This is when the conflict begins. This is not to say that the parents are absolutely wrong each time. They are elders and are certainly a great guidance and at times take the right decision for their kids. However, the younger generation seldom understands this. It is sad how generation gap has been a cause of numerous estranged relationships.

Few instance


The Hindi spoken by people belonging to the pre-independence era is quite different from the Hindi which is spoken today. The change did not occur all of a sudden it occurred over a period of time – generation after generation. Every generation adapts something different and creates different slangs there fore creating a division of difference from earlier one. Communication becomes difficult between people of different workplace or at home due to this language difference.

Workplace Attitude

While people belonging to the earlier generations were proficient in taking directions and were loyal and were faithful to a their superiors, people these days get bored easily and want to seek new jobs within a few years or at times even months of getting a job. The people of new generation are innovativeand creative they want to share and implement their own unique ideas rather than blindly taking orders from their boss.

Attitude towards Women

Women belonging to the elder generations like our grand mothers were mostly confined to home. They were onlly seen doing household work and taking care of their family, going out working and earning money was only a thing for men. However the mentality of people has changed over the time and generations. Today women are allowed to do whatever they want choose whatever career they feel choosing and no such bifurcation is done now days. They have free will to choose whatever they want just as men.

People belonging to one generation are really different from the other generation which is normal. However, the problem arises when people from different generations try to impose and force their ideas and beliefs and customs on the other people while totally condemning and denouncing that of the other's.