The Ultimate Medical Insurance Guide.

Nishtha Kapoor
Apr 07, 2019   •  43 views

India is a growing country. People are aware now that the quality of treatment is different in different hospitals. They charge you for the facilities that they provide. The population in India fail to access the world-class facilities of these hospitals. In spite of all the efforts taken by the government, people are not able to receive the full advantage of various health policies introduced by the government. So, now is the time to introduce the concept of medical insurance to every Indian.

  • Choosing a good medical policy is equally important(for ensuring its coverage).

Choosing the right medical policy for you can be a tiring task. Lack of awareness and ambiguity related to the understanding of medical insurance can lead to a bad choice. The main thing that you must check for while looking for an insurance policy is that it must match your financial condition. Shortlist some of the health insurance policies according to your preferences and then read each and every point in the terms and conditions or in the policy carefully. Check if there are any limits or any sub-limits or any limits on surgery.


Check if there are any limitations in the policy. This will give you a rough idea about how much claim that particular company is going to provide you. Like there are companies that will offer you a maximum fixed amount irrespective of the amount that the hospital wants from you.


It is basically categorised into two broad categories. One is the on room rent and other is on a specific treatment.

Clauses for exclusion

You have to choose any medical insurance with a great focus on clause for exclusion. This will help you during an emergency condition. It can be divided according to categories like previously existing diseases, Surgeries etcetera.


It is the fee that is paid by the owner of the insurance policy per year. It is because they provide you with benefits. Always check for the benefits that are provided to you.

If you are choosing a lower premium policy, check for the limits properly.
Whenever choosing a company, look for their claim ratio. It is not the only factor to be looked for while choosing medical insurance. You must also check for

  • Additional health benefits like health checkups

  • Fewer sub limits

You can look for companies like

  • ICICI Lombard health insurance

  • Max Bupa Health Insurance

  • Religare Health Insurance

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