Facebook and Instagram are social media giants, who’ve taken our world by storm. What started out as a platform for people to share their thoughts, their lifestyle and their happiness has now ended in an inexplicable pool of madness. And what do I mean by madness? Let me give you a small example.

This is our picture. It was a cold, fresh morning with icy fog caressing her skin, as her face glowed like the stars of the night sky in the beautiful pool of shimmering azure. Her gradient chestnut brown hair lay scattered across the lake water she was lying on. White flowers that smelt like the heavens of magic gently rolled down her feather soft face as she looked into the camera, her face taking the expression of a feeling of passion and bliss. It was a sight to relish and envy. The caption reads: “On a beautiful honeymoon with my true love. Thank you for the wonderful picture babe #myhusband! You always capture the beauty in me. Love you! #couplegoals”.

You see this picture on your feed and wonder what a boring life you have. You get sad and think you’re unworthy of such adventures considering that either you don’t even have a partner in first place, or the partner you have is a hopeless guinea pig. Congratulations! New Achievement Unlocked: Worst Social Life Ever.

Or that’s what you think you have. No, your social life isn’t worse, it’s just real. Unlike the beautiful picture you just saw. Do you want to know what the real picture was? Let me take you there.

It was a smoky, bad morning, thanks to the government employees who came around the neighbourhood spraying stinky mosquito repellents.Now, the whole neighbourhood looked like it was covered in fog, except it was unbreathable. She ran from the kitchen carrying a lunchbox in one hand and her kindergarten kid in the other to her husband who was driving out the car in the garage. She seated her child in the front seat and hurriedly zipped in the lunchbox in his bag. She waved goodbye until the car was out of sight.

She walked drained and tired into the garage to close the shutter as she opened Facebook in her mobile. She scrolled down the endless number of pictures that seemed to reflect all the happiness she never had. As she pulled down the shutter halfway, she noticed her kid’s baby pool in the garage. Suddenly she thought of a great idea. And then her creative mind set to work, transforming a plastic pool into a scenic forest lake, the smoke becoming the icy fog, and a few flowers from her neighbour’s garden becoming the posh of class in the picture she took, with her phone tied around a broomstick.

Know the difference between reality and social media my friends. Love what’s real, because magic lies in loving what you do and not in just what you’re doing.

Stop wasting yourself by trying to live someone else’s life and start living your life the way you love it. Happiness and love will soon find their way to you. Remember, you don’t have to live to satisfy others and you don’t have to care about what everyone thinks about you. You were not born to impress or prove anything to anyone.

You were born to be yourself, be real and be happy. You are you and real joy will embrace you in its arms only when you accept yourself for who you are and find the best in you. Because if you can’t see the best in yourself, you can’t expect others to see the best in you.