Creative Writing And Story Building

Nikita Boopathi
May 15, 2019   •  15 views

Writing can be metaphorically compared to the art of cooking. Like how a great chef makes a remarkable dish even out of basic ingredients, a great writer can build an exceptional piece out of unrestricted imagination.

When you look at something, write what you feel about it, craft your opinions in a string of significant words that delivers a message to its readers. For example, you see two kids rushing out their house with their heavy school bags dangling on their backs. What would be your general opinion on such a scenario? You would say they’re probably late to school and therefore they’re hurrying. Nope. That’s not creative, at all. Let’s imagine this scenario from a different fictious perspective. I say they’re spy kids! They’re running for their mission disguised as school kids to prevent suspicion from arising among the public. Or, let’s say they’re aliens from a different planet. Interesting isn’t it? Let your creative juices flow. It’s ok to have ridiculous thoughts or insane imaginations. You just have to think.

Read a lot of books, novels and poems. Surf on the internet. Connect any piece of information randomly and make up something creative. For example, you see a spider and a box or a bag. You can build a connection over here. Let’s say the spider is an evil man under a curse and he’s locked away in a magical box in the deep underworld. Let the idea flow like, some random guy, probably the hero mistakenly frees the bad guy who now wants to take over the world. Now the hero is presented with the mission of correcting his mistake and restoring peace in the world. Cool huh?

It’s really great how creative you can think by just randomly connecting a spider in your house and a shoe box. That’s how it runs. Whatever you see, feel or hear, don’t accept it for what it is. Make it into what you want, present it your imagination and give it shape and form with your words. Transform it how you want it to be. That’s what creative writing and imagination is all about.



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Such a creative piece. Loved the way you explained it to easily. Might have a look on what I have in store ? Thanks alot. :)