Life : when we hear it's a simple word ...but, in this word describes our whole journey starting from birth to death . What is life .?? Did weask anytime to ourself or just think that What is life .? Why we are here in this planet ?? I guess , most of you'll say no ...But, why i wanna ask ...? Because if we don't have life we have nothing... A body that is made by god is this is a life ... Yes, it's true that god made each and everyone of us ..but, life is not only this. In life , we admire, we desire, we experience , we have dreams and many more ..Right from when we started getting things ; we learn many good & bad things that become our experiences ...There is happiness,sadness,achievements,heartbreaks, etc.

If a person is not having a life ...He/ She has nothing ...I mean no education, no carrier , no experiences , no emotions & feelings, luxuries, etc.We have life that's why we are here to experience each & everything .Life plays a very important role in our life.

Now the question come ~
Are you really living your life ?
As we see,today we get to know that happy people are less.Although, many people mostly going through with different situations, circumstances.In that, there are some who are poor , there are some who faced many worst situations in life but still they are happy & some are having everything still, they are not happy.Because our whole life is depend on our choices What we think ? What we feel? What we do? What we want? Our thinking describes everything.Some people face situations so positively & some get panic ...But someone said -

" What we think , we become ".

The one thing that we all have to keep in mind is that ...for example, We sit in a plane , when plane take off it is not in our hands same as not landing ... It is in the hands of Pilot ... The thing that is in our hand ... The time period between take off & land offof plane ... How we are enjoying the journey ... There are some hurdles in between that'll come but how to deal with that that is in our hands ... Same as our life birth is not in our hands , not death .... But the journey between life and death is in our hands ... How to live our life, how to deal with situations, how to overcome with circumstances , how to enjoy life i.e, is in our hands.So, enjoy your journey ...Don't get panic , be happy , be positive ..Make each & every moment of your life best one ...coz we all have only one life try to make best of it ...And, always remember someone said -

" My current situation....
Is not my permanent destination" .



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totally a wow!!keep it up
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Read your blog! I’d really appreciate if you could check out my blogs too and I’d definitely return the favour ;)