How Asian Believes Blood Types Define Personality

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Majority of the people have no idea about our blood group. Did you know that knowing your blood group can help improve your health or save your life?doctors believe that changing your diet depending on your blood type is very effective. blood group consist of A+,B+,O+,AB+ and A-,B-,0-,AB-, so to know which one is your type, you can go to the nearest hospital to check which blood group category you belong to.

If you ever visit Korea or Japan, you probabably noticed that a lot of people ask you what your blood type is. In asia, it is not wierd if people asked you about your blood type, it is mainly because they firmly believes that each blood type has their own distinct personality and is the quickest way to determine a person's temperament and their compability with others. In western countries, people used horoscope as a fun way to determined a persons character and their compability.


It was first started by a japanese person name Masahiko Nomi who begin his career as a journalist and his book "Understanding affinity by blood type" become best seller in 1970s. Korea also take a step further with the popular, "my boyfriend is type B." movie, steoreotyping the blood types as what they presumes it to be. In Japan employers will asked for blood types of job cadidates as they feel strongly that personality is linked. Research have found that employers doesn't like blood group AB and that it is hard to find jobs for this certain blood types because of the stereotyping of AB personality. Korean also believe that men with blood type B are not suitable spouse because of the belief that men with blood type B are mostly not serious with relationship.


Blood type O is often decribes as optimistic. They are outgoing , have good communication skills and are able to set mood for groups of people. O are incredibly resilient and flexible, enabling them to adjust in different situation. Little things do not concern them and their wants to be the the centre of attraction made them a bit self centre to people in blood group A who are very sensitives.

Blood type O are said to be loyal and enduring. In Japan people think highly of blood type O and call them warriors. The people with this blood type are not overly cautious and tend to think more on the big picture. On the negative side people with blood type O are also said to be jealous, rude, insensitive , self-centered, workaholic and arrogant.

Famous people with blood type 0 are Queen Elizabeth II, Elvis Presley, Ronal Regan.

Blood type Os are compatible with B and 0.


People with with blood type are very stubborn and worry easily. They are clever, passionate and cooperatives. Sometimes they can be overly sensitives like they care a lot about etiquette as well as social standards. This type of people like to keep things neat and value harmony with others. Agricultural people are the root of blood type A, as they are good in multi-tasking and carried things with consistency and seriousness. They also care a lot about their appearances.

Blood type A are shy, attentive, loyal,organized and perfectionists. Their bad personality are obsessive, sensitive, stubborn and easily stress out. If you have a blood type A friend, they are the type you can rely when you are in trouble. They do not like to show their emotions, and keep their thoughts and feeling about things hidden from other.

Famous people with blood type A are George Bush, Adolf Hitler, Britney Spear, G. Dragon.

Blood type A are compatible with AB, A and O.


People with this type are famous for their creativity. They made decision very quickly and are not good in taking orders. They have a strong sense of curiosity but at the same time loses interest easily. Though there are lots of positives about this type, people tend to focus on their negatives side. This type of people if taken interest, will do their best without caring about what other people think of them. this make them compatible with ABs who live in their own world. Blood type people are crazy and adventurous.

positives trait of this blood type is that they are relaxed, strong, adventurous, creative, outgoing. Their negatives side are wild, selfish, irresponsible and unpredictible.

Famous people with blood group B are Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholas.

Blood type B are compatible with AB and B.

Types AB are a mixed of A and B personality types. people find them complicated and hard to understand their behavior. They can outgoing like Bs and can be shy like A. Sometimes people think them as having double personalities as they keep their true personality from other. AB is also the rarest blood types in the world.

ABs are also empathetic and make sure to consider other point of view. They can sometimes be genius or at the same time wierd to people. They are charming and makes friend easily but at the same time scary because they are unpredictable. People with these types have exceptional logical and analytical skills. They are quite frank and doesn't hesistate to say the truth, because of this people doesn't like this blood types. They are the type who didn't feel lonely even if they are left in a deserted island.

Their good trait include charming,adaptable, dream chaser, trustworthy. Their negatives trait are unforgiving,indecisive, forgetful, critical,irresponsible, self centered.

Famous people with blood type AB are Barack Obama, Marlyn Monroe, Jackie Chan and John F Kennedy.

Blood group AB are compatible with another ABs and B.

So which one are you? Do you think your blood types tells about your personality?