First thing first, always remember, It's not a graduation college.

  • At times, you might be asked to leave because you are found using phone in the classroom.

  • If you are, a minute, late in the classroom then you are not allowed.

  • Do not plagiarise report, this has very far consequences including scrapping of PoR posts and grade drop.

  • Proxies are not allowed, at times there can be manual verification by PGP office. So, in case even you are able to swap cards for your friend, if he's not there, it's a big trouble, more for you and less for your friend.

  • Almost no one cheats in the terminals as the entire classroom is under camera surveillance and they are really smart people.


  • Not everyone is placed on day zero, do have patience. At times, you may feel like frustrated but you need to wait for right chances.

  • Always wait for the right company suitable for your profile, do not go with the flow.

  • If you're a fresher, you might feel at disadvantaged side, as most companies and roles fits in experienced people. But, there are domains like marketing, sales which prefer Freshers.

  • Placecom is powerful, so do not try to jump the deadlines and whatever they necessitates is ought to be followed.

  • At times, you won't get the anticipated CTC, when you are placed, for the first time. But, do not worry, the degree has its weightage and you will realise when you will switch your Jobs.


  • Sit where your nameplate is, some Professors place a weightage to it.

  • Remember, excel is your best friend.

  • Just stick to deadlines of assignment even if it 3:59:59 in the morning.

  • Do not leave everything for the last week as you will be burdened with 4–5 projects plus some extra assignments.

  • There can be 2 terminals paper on the same day with 1–2 hours of gap.

  • Quizzes are scary, be prepared for it. It's bit flexible, so you can look around

Life @IIM

  • You will have 6–7 hours to sleep.

  • Weekends will be occupied with clubs meetings and other stuffs.

  • Still you can be a free bird and roam around for some part of the day with your loved ones.

  • Plenty of activities are being organised by clubs, be involved and rejuvenate yourself.

  • Hostels are often Coed, so you never know who is going to enter your room. So, when someone knocks at your door, use less of those “friendly words”.

The situation of the one-year full-time MBA graduates at“IIMs”is superior to that of those graduating other one-year full-time“MBAs”in India. Indian School of Business, which advanced the one-year design, cites a normal CTC of Rs 17,92,000 for its 2011 clump. Organizations selecting from the one-year full-time MBA at IIMs incorporate all the esteemed firms that enlist from the two-year course.

The position procedure of the two courses is unique. While the two-year course has a 'position week' and discussions about 'day zero situations', the one-year course pursues a moving model, just like the training at most worldwide schools.

This implies enrollment specialists visit the grounds as the year progressed. This is on the grounds that the applicants of the one-year course are enlisted for positions of authority, not section level ones, and this requires an alternate way to deal with employing.

You will end up working frantically to get CV focuses - a couple of words that demonstrate you didn't sit inactively on your arse throughout the day. This requires you partake in club exercises, case rivalries and different occasions that occur in and around grounds; however mind you, only one out of every odd occasion gives you a CV point, and only one out of every odd CV point can be utilized on a solitary resume. You should pick and pick the ones you feel will be best for the organization you are applying to, and still, after all that, it remains a speculating amusement. No one truly knows with full conviction what profile is guaranteed of a vocation in some random firm.

First term will have countless tests, which can undoubtedly agitate the most quiet and created individual. You get the thought - this term is stacked with shocks, and the vast majority of them are disagreeable. The third term is comparable, however with assignments. There will be one that expects you to go out and review individuals from the overall population. You need to do this while adjusting time between another 3 assignments, all on tight due dates, just as club exercises and general concentrate for classes.

This should give you a dubious thought of the heap - slacking off for multi day or two may feel unwinding, yet when you think about that you need to add to gather assignments, remain wakeful and alert through classes.

All in all life at IIMs is not as rosy as people make it out to be. You have to slog inoder to make the most out of these places.