Entrepreneurship Success Story: Zayka Ka Tadka

Nov 01, 2019   •  273 views

I often write articles that talks about the entrepreneurship of a woman. Today also I am writing about women entrepreneurship only. However, this is going to be slightly different. We often hear that being a business woman along with children is one of the toughest jobs. Handling house, family as well as work is a tiresome job. Especially when you belong to a country like India where the entire society stands to pull you down. The topic of this article is going to be the same. We are going to talk about a Mom Preneur who would have never thought of moving out of her kitchen.


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Mompreneurship: Zayka Ka Tadka

Zayka Ka Tadka (ZKT) is an online cooking blog and a vlog that provides a platform to Mom's/Housewives to fulfil their potential in cooking and become a mega cooking star. Every recipe posted here is made by Moms/Housewives in their own houses with no further editing. It also acts as a live cooking platform through Facebook page where several women come live while cooking.


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Apeksha Haldia and Vijay Haldia are the founders of Zayka Ka Tadka. They are a mother and daughter duo who together began this blog. Prior to this, Vijay Haldia was just a homemaker. She is from a family in Jodhpur that was into the business of spices. This gave her the knowledge on how different ingredients function. She was always appreciated for her versatile dishes.

Apeksha Haldia is an MBA from NITIE in Marketing till 2012. But she loved sports a lot so she left her corporate job in P&G and pursued Masters in Sports from University of Washington in the year 2013. But today she is the co-founder of ZKT.

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art and when done with love and care, it sparks up the entire family & generation.” - Apeksha Haldia


Vijay Haldia is very good at her cooking skills. When Social Media was blooming, she decided to take a leap and started to share her recipes in some online cooking group where due to her popularity she was even removed from the group. This was the beginning of this journey. When Apeksha got to know about this, she thought to give a large platform to her Mom’s Recipes. She made her own page on Facebook and named it Zayka Ka Tadka. It was in September 2014 when ZKT was born.

Apeksha was working as a marketing consultant in the US when her parents used to visit her. This was the time when Apeksha observed her mom taking active participation in many social media groups related to food recipes. She realised that her mom can fly higher and also convinced her to take the leap. Hence, Vijay Haldia became an entrepreneur at the age of 56!

Later on, Vijay moved a step further and decided to go live with the audience on a newsroom chat for a show, ‘Nayi Soch Naya Vishwas’. When Apeksha saw her mom speaking at length before 200 people, she was bewildered. That moment gave a thought to her, “If not me, then who will help my mom and other moms to fulfill their dreams?” Finally, in 2016, ZKT was launched. Being inspired by the founder of Room to Read, a non-profit working who left his superlative career to help the underprivileged children, she also decided to leave the lucrative corporate world and join her mother.


ZKT has around 6 Lakh followers today and 100+ registered food authors with recipes spreading love in 176 countries. They feel proud to share that in just a span of 11 months they had 1800 recipes posted.

“Willingness to change with time is what helped me to learn and grow. Unlike the olden days, today’s women have the advantage of technology. Earlier the talent was just home bound but with today’s technology we are able to reach out to millions from home itself. This is an advantage especially for those who stay at home, who can now pursue their interests without compromising . With the internet, women are able to aim for a better work-life balance. I wish I had this opportunity in my early days, but better late than never!“ - Vijay Haldia

I think Vijay Haldia is a great inspiration for all of us who lose hopes or quit things too early. She means this in the real sense that if she can become an entrepreneur at the age of 56, our generation can do anything.