Hubspot Academy-A Free Marketing School In This Expensive World

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Few days back, I was scrolling through the homepage of LinkedIn. Those days I was exploring more ways to promote my content. So, while I was scrolling the LinkedIn, I saw a post that shared a content marketing certificate received by one of my connections. I like learning new things. Online education was something that always topped the list of learning. So without fail I searched for the name of the issuer of the certificate. 

I had heard of online education providing websites like Coursera, Edx, Udemy, Byjus and other. But this name was completely new to me. It named Hubspot Academy. My curiosity to know more increased. Immediately I searched on Google about Hubspot Academy. And in seconds there were ample number of search results in front of my eyes. I opened the website immediately. I was scrolling down the page just like a kid who has received a new toy. I wanted to know each and every thing about this website. I searched for some free courses, then I searched for free certification courses. There I found the most relevant course for me. In just a few seconds, I enrolled for that course that had 6 hours and some minutes of completion period. 


Source: HubSpot

The problem started now. The level of excitement that I had for the course was equivalent to the excitement of receiving the certificate after the completion of that course. According to them the completion period 6+hours  but the time that I took was about a month. However, it was worthy.


Source: HubSpot Blog

This certification course teaches you the ways to promote various types of content like blogs, videos, images, etc. This course is a compilation of several videos and a blog post. The best part about this course is all the content of the videos are available in the written format as well. Besides they even share external and additional resources for further knowledge. They even share the sources of the data taken. The course gives you the knowledge of various business experts, bloggers, vloggers and the marketing specialist. So the course seems to be completely authentic. 

The course ends up with a hubspot academy certification of content marketing. But to avail this certificate you need to go through an exam. This exam is a 60 multiple choice question based exams wherein you have to answer at least 45 questions correctly. You get 1 hour to finish the exam. If you fail to answer 45 questions correctly, you can reappear for the exam but only after 12 hours. Despite of a multiple choice based exam, it's not an easy one. It took me 3 attempts to pass the exam and finally avail the certificate. So this was my experience to HubSpot Academy, what yours?


In an era, where everything is becoming too expensive including water, what can we say about education. Recently, I spoke to one of my cousins who's son's school fees is 1 lakh rupees for Standard 1. So we can just imagine that the fees to courses like these must be too high. In such circumstances, when hubspot provides free courses that too with a certificate, it not only amazes me but makes me happy that everything can be affordable. All you need is a firm determination because often things that are free are neglected. 

Today, I have 2 instagram accounts  nikol_agrawal008 and ngcraftstudio that are helping me to share my written content and my craft products as well as 2 blogs neha that you are reading right now and the other one is Veg Bhookkad where I share amazing recipes cooked by my mother. I even joined Twitter with 2 accounts neha_18101993 and vbhookkad understanding its importance for content Marketing through this course. Besides my Facebook pages and Pinterest accounts were always active. Hubspot definitely is doing a great job.

Kudos to hubspot. 

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