Entrepreneurship Success Story: Flavoursome Homemade

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Sweets and snacks are an inseparable part of our meals. Especially in a state like Gujarat, you cannot survive without snacks and sweets. People in Gujarat get loads of dry snacks ordered so that women can enjoy the festival without the load of kitchen during Janmashtami. But we all know that sweets are rich in sugar and snacks are full of cholesterol. Thus, it becomes important to enjoy a festival with a healthy diet.


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Flavoursome Homemade

Today, we are going to talk about one such Foodpreneurial Brand that has taken the word customisation to a next level. We often hear customisation in clothes or gift articles but have you ever heard of customisation in terms of food? Surprising, isn't it? Flavoursome Homemade is a family business that began its operation from home in May 2018 in Surat, Gujarat. And it is astonishing to know that just in a span of a year, they have already started serving overseas.

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Flavoursome is completely based on customisation. Their main motive is to serve fresh and healthy so they cook only on receipt of order. Instead of sugar they use jaggery and rock salt instead of white salt because of their healthy properties.


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Flavoursome is not just known for its healthy food. It's another peculiarity is its handmade food. Not a single product at flavoursome is made using machine. Presently, they are serving in Surat and some international states. However, they have future plans for expansion in Gujarat. Till date, they have been able to serve 250+ clients with their commendable list of varieties. Their main customers include Pregnant ladies, Kids and Travellers. Their major marketing sources are “Word of Mouth” and Social media. One can connect with them on Instagram as well as Facebook. They have been the outreach partner of Surat Football League and a member of BNI surat which is India’s largest networking organisation. They believe in improvement. Hence, with the constant feedback from their clients, they are gradually leveling up.

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Nikhil Dhingra

Mr. Nikhil Dhingra is the co-founder of Flavoursome Homemade. Nikhil takes care of the Marketing department. You will be amazed to know that Nikhil is a choreographer by profession for the past 15 years. He has his own ND Vibe dancing studio in Surat.


Mansi Dhingra

Mrs. Mansi Dhingra, wife of Nikhil Dhingra is the other co-founder of Flavoursome Homemade. Mansi works on the sales of Flavoursome Homemade. Mansi is the Sales Person of Turistico travels. Mansi, while addressing the woman says to go out there and work. She believes that if women work for themselves, support will automatically pour in.

“The best thing about my work is that I get to meet and talk to different people every day and that truly is an experience in itself.”- Mansi Dhingra

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Renuka Jariwala

Mrs. Renuka, mother of Mansi Dhingra is the Head Chef at Flavoursome Homemade. The cooking team comprises of 4 other ladies. Mrs. Renuka despite being 65 years old, works so enthusiastically when it comes to cook healthy food. She doesn't give a second thought when it comes to stretching of her time table for timely delivery. Mrs. Renuka who was just a homemaker a year back is today the Head Chef of Flavoursome Homemade.


Mrs. Renuka has been cooking for years now. She often made customised snacks and sweets for the acquaintances that suited the best to their health. Once, she made some special healthy food items for the pre and post pregnancy period of a lady. This was that moment when Nikhil realised that this food should reach to everyone and not just acquaintances. And this is where flavoursome has its roots. Today, they make pickles, dry snacks and sweets.

“Start is what stops people. When it comes to fitness, it is important that we maintain a consistency. But consistency can happen only when people start.” - Nikhil Dhingra

This statement clearly states that anything is possible, all you need is a start and dedication towards it.

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