Mahasagar Travels-The Biggest Link To Junagadh

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Being an entrepreneur is fine. Being a successful entrepreneur is also fine. But earning a place in peoples’ hearts is the biggest achievement in my eyes. Hardwork and dedication for the betterment of the society only can make you a popular name. I am always fascinated by the inspiring stories of people but I get carried away by the stories of the people who uplift the names of their society, their country through their hard work. Today, I am here with one such story whose name is as popular as the name of his brand.

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Entrepreneurship Success Story: Mahasagar Travels

Mahasagar Travels is a Transportation company that provides bus transportation services for personal and commercial use. It was founded on 28th Sept 1990 by Bhagchandbhai Sukhwani in Junagadh district of Gujarat. Junagadh is a very small district of the Saurashtra region in Gujarat. People visit Saurashtra majorly to see the Asiatic Lions. However, travel was a major issue for the people of Junagadh because during the tourist season the local residents of Junagadh face a lot of difficulties to travel from one city to other. So, do away with this problem and to make the city popular for something apart from lions, Mahasagar Travels was born.


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Bhagchand Bhai is one of the popular names of Junagadh and people call him Kadubhai with love. He was born on 27th Sept 1963 in Junagadh. In those days, when education was not so important for the people here and the business was the only priority, Kadubhai like any other male child of this city, used to sit in a Paan Shop with his father, Gordhanbhai. Their Shakti Paan Shop was one of the well known names in the Kalwa Chowk of Junagadh. 

However, Kadubhai was born with some inexpressible forecasting power. He had the ability to forecast the development through any business. May be, he always had a dream of doing something different than his ancestors. In the year 1990, he bought a bus and made it travel on the Rajkot Veraval road. Then after 3 years he bought more buses and established the company, Mahasagar Travels Company Limited which happened to become the first limited company of Gujarat. 


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This was just the beginning. Later he took his bus services to other states of India. Today, Mahasagar Travels provides services in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan apart from Gujarat. Without any doubt, from 1993 till date, Mahasagar Travels is the first choice when it comes to the bus services.

Kadubhai was born with a business mind. Not only did he have Mahasagar Travels but he also tried his hands on Hotel, Restaurant, Transport, Construction and Petrol Pump. In 2008, he was chosen as the Chief of the Laadi Lohana Panchayat for his attitude of taking people together. He also became popular in his caste all over the country for eradicating the old customs so as to bring in the new systems and also for making social upliftment activities more beneficial. He also has been the corporator of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2012.


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In 2014, he was requested to become the President of the Laad Samaj but to stay personally connected with the people of junagadh irrespective of any class and to closely study the social upliftment needs, he chose to stay the Vice President only. Finally, the love of the people compelled him to become the President of the Laad Samaj in the year 2017. Till date, he continues to provide his services to the people of Junagadh.

We wish Kadubhai to keep up the great work and all the success for his future ventures.

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