May Be - The Vase And Flowers...

Neegam Nain
Sep 16, 2019   •  57 views

"Flowers and vase are the perfect illustrations of human beings when exquisite flowers match with magnificent vase their beauty escalates tremendously and everyone spots that fascinating combination."

Same goes with humans when two souls encounter each other unexpectedly their energies radiate immensely and you can easily connect with each other without putting efforts. Eventually, the walls everyone creates around themselves start plunging even without taking our consent.

But, unfortunately, this happens too rarely.

"The flower in the vase smiles but no longer laughs."

"Have you seen yourself when you are forced into some dates and friendship where you don't feel comfortable, your glow starts diminishing with the passage of time. You feel more of yourself when they are not around you. Funny right? it actually happens. Your spark shrinks. You'll only be rewarded with chaos. Silence with them leads to the passageway for unwanted thoughts of " what have I done? , what-ifs....etc" and it kills you from inside. Actually, we fail to understand that we don't belong there, as it is said

"You can't force a flower to thrive somewhere it doesn't belong, eventually it will die."

Whereas with some people, you experience peace and serenity within yourself. There is a sense of comfort. Even the silence atmosphere seems perfect. You find yourself the most alive and happy soul by their mere presence in your life. You don't even remember when you two became companions. They don't intend to change you yet they bring out the best in you. They love you for the person you are. There is no need to put on that fake smile to please anyone. Here you experience the building of an indefinable bond and these "PEOPLE ARE JUST PERFECT".

There is no need for makeup and promises of forever because with some beings you grow as a person. You don't want to shackle them with some vows. You don't cage each other, you let the other person fly and you pray genuinely for each other.

That is the sort of relationships unusual to find every day.

But, after a while flower departs from the vase. Maybe there forever is of limited period. But they had an incredible time together, after all, they both looked incredibly beautiful together.

Maybe one day flowers and vase find a beautiful vase and flowers respectively for themselves. Maybe one day..........

May be......

P.S - This blog is close to my heart. While writing about ‘the perfect people we encounter unexpectedly’, two gems were running into my head constantly who helped me grew into a better individual and accepted me with all my flaws and perfections. THIS IS FOR YOU. Each paragraph depicts different emotions and I believe today is the best day to post this blog. Learn to appreciate the time you have with your perfect people and don’t hold yourself back to leave the places where you don’t belong anymore.