Even Birds Are Chained To The Sky.......

Neegam Nain
Feb 21, 2019   •  310 views

Right isn't it.
Have you ever watched the birds flying in the sky with their open wide wings effortlessly and wished to be a bird for a single day?

Whenever we see birds, we perceive freedom and adventure. Flying high in the blue bright sky where there are no limits and boundaries is everyone's dream.

“No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.”―Bob Dylan

Even birds have their limitations despite getting leverage of the entire sky.

We have an illusion of getting freedom but, forgotten that we can't be totally free. Since childhood we had a fantasy that when we enter college, we'll be free but, when we stepped into the college, things changed then as time passes by our fantasy broadens. By holding back to be free we forget to live in a moment.

Freedom is wrapped with responsibilities. Human is bound by relations, love and society. Have you ever wanted to do something wholeheartedly but didn't do because something stopped you. Even your life is not yours, your family and loved ones are holding you back to take the risk. Even today someone gives you an opportunity to accomplish one thing from your bucket list which you have never done before, you are beyond any doubt going to think 100 times.

Every individual once in their lifetime want one day without any restrictions, no relations that bound them to the ground and limits them.

"No friends, spouse, love, relatives, colleagues, family, no one......... Just one day for myself."



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Marvelous my dear.........
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Awesome article buddy...... Like ur work.. Keep it up