Since the beginning of the era of smartphones, the most commonly debated topic is which operating system is better and why? While Android has been most spread out in the market, iOS too has a large impact on the people in the market. iOS is Apple’s operating system name while Android is the name of Google’s operating system. The operating system is the medium through which you are able to interact with the applications and games over your smartphones and iPhone.

Coming to the basic difference of the OS is both are widely used and famous among the mobile companies while iOS is only available on iPhones and iPads, Android is available on phones made by companies like Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, Asus and many others.

iOS is a closed OS with open source components and has the parent family of UNIX while Android parent company is LINUX and is an open source OS i.e. Android is easily modified as per the requirement of the company for better user interface while iOS is not very easily modified, it is only modified by the parent company when the new version is launched. Both the OS have there owned application centre where 1,00,000+ apps are available but, they have to be designed by the developer differently as they are the different OS.

While downloading music and apps is much easier on the Android because of its open perspective on iOS you to buy the features like iTunes for music and other apps to work. The user experience report Pfeiffer report released in September 2013 shows that iOS is better than android in heavy usage and user friction.

When security comes into picture that crash reports say that Android has crashed more than the iOS OS. Also, iOS has a feature where the data and information on one Apple device can be automatically updated on the other device without actually connecting it. Apple verifies its user and also reviews their apps on the app store. While in Android the user can download the app from the app store and can give permission to certain application internally used by the app which sends information to the third party.

With the recent event of data manipulation by Facebook i.e. Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal where Cambridge Analytica has used data of millions of profiles on Facebook for political reasons, has raised the bar of security and protection of our data online. So security should be a main as an aspect of the software. While iOS is also very costly to purchase as they only come in Apple products and Android is relatively much cheaper. The security and the smoothness of its interface and in today's time the influence of it on the surrounding is what its real hype is.