How To Get Someone Into Rehab For Abuse

Narinder Katal
Nov 01, 2019   •  7 views

Making someone get into rehab becomes challenging if he is not willing to do so. The article lists a series of steps which you can take to help your loved one get into a program and change his life for the better.


Nothing is more painful than watching a loved one struggle with addiction. All that you want in such a situation is to see the person get out of the addiction and live a normal life. The concerned person may fail to recognize the gravity of the situation. He may not be ready to acknowledge his addiction, let alone agreeing to a rehab program.

Making the person get into rehab becomes challenging in such a situation. The following are the steps you can take in such a situation:

1. Recognize the Signs of Addiction

The first step is to notice the signs of alcohol or drug abuse in your loved one. From changes in behavior to problems at home, work or school, there are many warning signs of addiction that must be noticed to evaluate the situation.

2. Find Out if The Person is Open to the Idea of Rehab

Once you have recognized the signs of addiction, the next step finding is to find out if he/she is ready for a rehab and drug treatment.

In case he is not, you can take the help of a professional interventionist. An interventionist is experienced with handling such people and can help make the transition easier.

3. Research Treatment Options

The treatment and rehab program is not the same for every person which makes it essential for you to find out what’s best for your loved one. It, therefore, becomes important for you to research and decide on a rehab center with affordable rates, experienced staff and a diverse range of treatment.

4. Plan an Intervention

This is the trickiest step as it involves confronting the addict and letting him know how his behavior and actions are affecting not just him but also the people around him, his family and friends.

What is important to remember here is not to blame the addict but show him you love and support. Hiring a professional interventionist may be a good idea, as they are experienced in how to get someone into rehab.

5. Be Careful About The Withdrawal Symptoms

Take care to choose a center with an empathetic and understanding staff. At the same time, you must also let your loved one know that you stand with him/her in this fight and that you believe in them.

Many people with addiction fail to quit alcohol or drugs because of the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Choosing an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center that offers medically supervised detox along with 24x7 care of the physical and mental needs of the patient will help him cope up with the withdrawal symptoms better.

6. Ensure Proper Aftercare

The real challenge in any rehab program starts after the patient is released from the treatment center and is back with his normal life. You must ensure that the facility you have chosen should be able to offer proper aftercare once your loved one comes back home from the facility. You must also check if the treatment involves programs for psychological issues such as depression.