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Need any help/tools for a Startup?

Here's list of complete tools which can be used for a Startup!!

1) How to Start a Startup – Stanford University has a free online course called How to Start a Startup. It’s a collection of sessions where startups can learn more about the challenges of running a business. You’ll hear from other entrepreneurs and get an insight on things such as management, hiring, marketing and business strategy.

2) MindMeister – If you seem to have many ideas, but not sure what to make of them, check out MindMeister. This mind-mapping app makes more sense of the ideas you have and it’s perfect for collaborating with business partners. As a bonus, the app makes creating presentations easier. The basic version is free, but you definitely should consider the Pro and Business versions.

3) Business Model Canvas – The Business Model Canvas is a stunningly easy to use strategic management tool. You can use it to define your ideas, invent a workable business model and design the solutions that work for you. The business model canvas itself can be used freely, as it operates under the creative commons model. All you need to do is link back to the creators, if you decide to use it.

4) The Name App – Have ideas for the name but don’t know if they are free? Use the Name App to check your business name ideas and see whether the domains for the name are free. It even checks the name’s availability in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

5) CoFoundersLab – If you don’t like the idea of launching your business alone, you can find likeminded people through CoFoundersLab. You can find members based on their role, industry of expertise and even simple location.

The Basic Membership is free and good enough to get started. If you are looking for features such as priority listing and recommendations, the Pro memberships might be worth the small fee (between $15-$19.99 per month).

Hope It will set your sail for a Successful Startup!!

Stay tuned for more tools in upcoming posts!!