Me Too' or #Me Too is a movement which was initiated in 2006 by a social activist Tarana Burke against the dire concern of the masses on the matter of sexual abuse and harassment in America.The movement gained recognition much later in 2017 after Alyssa Milano, an American actress posted a tweet asking the victims and survivors of sexual assault to come out, accepting the bitter truth of the society and letting others know that they are not alone. India adapted it’s own kind of me too movement where many people tweeted of being sexually harassed while at work. As much as it is important for people ,especially women to break the silence and come up with their voices stronger than ever before, i believe its even important to look down to the actual situation


With no defence towards the people accused while this movement , i also believe that this movement has been dragged way to far now . And has trapped many innocent men through it’s way

There were many women out there who came forward to fight for themselves which they couldn’t do without a platform like me too , where women facing the same situation came forward to put up their views . I believe that with the unexpected comeback of this movement over these years ,did frighten the responsible men.

Considering the other side too , I believe many women have also taken advantage of it to sabotage men in power and take them down .


Not just the common masses , even celebrities have stood up for what they faced through their journey putting at stake their own images and showing the actual rage for those men

For example Former actor Tanushree Dutta revealed in an interview the harassment she had faced at the hands of actor Nana Patekar several years ago. And comedian Utsav Chakraborty, who has worked with All India Bakchod, was accused on Twitter first by writer Mahima Kukreja and then by multiple women of sending unsolicited pictures of his genitalia.

Concluding it , it again comes to the mindset of the people of dealing with people around them and not just women , even men deserve the right to be respected and to be seen with non-judgmental eyes .