5 Healthy Oils For Weight Watchers

Monali Pattanaik
Jul 18, 2019   •  3 views

Weight management is necessary and the key to the overall fitness of a person.

Managing weight is difficult for most of us due to our busy schedules or lack of time to cook homemade food every time.

But we can definitely take small steps to remain healthy and stay fit. These steps may seem small and we may perceive it as ineffective but in the longer run, it will help us to remain healthy and active.

It's said to stay far away from oily and deep-fried food when you are on a mission to lose weight but just staying far doesn't work most of the times. We should avoid deep frying but oil can be used to infuse taste in food and increase its taste through minimal amount also.

Let's get to know friendly oils for weight watchers:

1. Olive oil-

This is super oil or king of oils. Extra virgin olive oil is unsaturated and has a lot of vitamin E which helps in healthy skin and hair. They are most versatile and can be drizzled over a pizza or salad to increase the taste.

2. Sesame oil-

This oil is packed with on the 3 fatty acids which are heart-healthy. It has a nutty flavour and pungent taste and can be used in stir-frying.

3. Canola oil-

It's is oil which has a very high smoking point as low smoking point oil like soya bean oil is not good for health as the oil loses its benefits and is unhealthy. It's used for baking and has a very neutral taste and smell. Also, it's not as expensive as olive oil.

4. Flaxseed oil-

It an oil we rarely heard about. Even we consumed the seeds but oil is not widely available in the market. Due to rarity, it's a bit expensive but as it is mostly to used in salads we don't need to buy a large quantity.

It's a bit dark in colour and has nutty aroma and taste just like the seeds.

5. Coconut oil-

This is used extensively in South India in cooking. It is an underrated oil and has large health benefits. Extra virgin coconut oils have become popular in the west these days due to its nutrition value. Àlso they are not much expensive.

It has a nutty smell and a heavy taste hence quantity should be minimized in food. But it's great to make dosas and pancakes.