Terrorism is an act of violence to coerce people through destruction. It is a threat to the whole humanity and even its existence. The weapons and tactics by the terrorists have not changed but the impact of their violence on civilians have increased tremendously over the period. Terrorists are now engaged in campaigns of suicides and mass murder on huge scale.

If we see, terrorism is not a new thing, it even existed at the time of French Revolution and evolved over time and became more engaging and impactful as of now. Today, all over the world the network of terrorists have enlarged and reached nook and corner of the globe which is major threat for the world community, people lives and property. Where many are trying to promote peace all over and these few fickle minded are trying to destroy the peace and stability in the world.

Astoundingly, terrorists groups have become more intelligent and clever in their operations. Use of ICTs, and advaced equipments and machines have kept them at safe locations. Their use of social media to recruit young minds, radacalisation over messages and calls have made innocent young minds at danger. Also, Groups like Al Qeda, BomoHaram, ISIS etc have under links and networks to fund and operationalise their terror attacks.

The picture below shows the terror impact across the globe (2018):

If we consider only 21st century terror attacks, these attcaks have rose tremendously over the period. Attacks on US trade centre to Mumbai attacks to Terror attack in France to terror attacks in United Kingdom. And if we also consider countries like central asia and african countries, the terror attcaks occur almost every single day. Eg Terror attacks in Syria, Ukarain, Somalia etc

The most suprising part of terrorism is that we or the world community haven’t yet put a full spot to terrorism. USA, NATO, UN, UNSC, FATF, G7 etc have tried all they can but have failed to stop these terrorists from expanding and creating rukus. We seriously need to take up this matter, Terror finanacing should be stopped and checked, countries that support these groups must be boy cotted, destroying the base camps and info. Centres of terror groups is necessary to curb terrorism. Its a very critical concern that need immediate action.