Aviation Sector- Expanding Exponentially

Mohit Gupta
Jun 18, 2019   •  22 views

Aviation industry has seen the biggest rise in their travel analog history. There is an increase of millions and millions of passenger flying across the globe and in particular India. India’s air traffic rose by over 100 percent, they have seen larger footfalls of Travelers preferring airway travel. Today, Aviation sector is a billion dollar industry.

Particularly, in india, Govt. Has tried to increase people traveling by airlines with low cost, safety and other measures and introduction of UDAAN scheme, enabling even lower middle class an opportunity to fly. Despite all, these benifits, Govt has also bought in stingent policy for airlines as well as travellers for violating rules and conduct.

Apparently, Govt. has introduced new rules for banning fliers. The ban will be on three criteria. First Ban up to 3months in case of physical gesture, inebriation or verbal harassment. Second ban up to 6months for physical abusive behaviour, touching, kicking, hitting and pushing. Third ban up to 2yrs for Assault, damage to aircraft.

Offence that can lead to arrest is consumption of alcohol and smoking, disobeying inflight instructions. Internal committee will decide the quantum of punishment based on airline evidence and accused evidences within 30days failing which the passenger will be free to fly. Other airlines will not be bound by the no fly list.

However, aggrieved person can appeal within 60days to appellate committee. Other steps taken -UDAAN to make common man fly and connect to unconnected regional location. Scrap of 5/20 rule, now a airline can fly international if they have 20 aircraft in their fleet. Widening of OPEN AIR POLICY being considered. Doing away with hand bag tag for faster check ins. Expanding the connectivity reach both domestically and internationally.

India is one of the fastest rising aviation sector in terms of no. Of fliers. Increasing of bilateral Seat increase among countries. Eg there is a plan to increase seats in Mumbai Abu Dhabi route. Govt. is planning to disinvest Air India as it is suffering from losses and bad functioning. ADG is looking to make India a preferable Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul MR&O.

The rule is in line with the Tokyo Declaration on civil aviation 1963. However, airlines must ensure that the no fly list rule should be used cautiously and not just. Some cases of passenger anger could even involve inefficiency or irregularity by the airline or its staffs. Many airline overbook tickets and later cancel them giving passengers trouble to re schedule and speculate.