All About Steve Jobs -Co Founder Apple Inc.

Mohit Gupta
May 07, 2019   •  107 views

Co-founder of apple Inc. Steve jobs was born in carlifornia, USA. He was adopted by a couple named Mr & Mrs Paul jobs. So his adopted parents named him Steve Paul jobs. His father was a mechanic of a company then. His early life was not much interesting, with lackadaisical initial schooling.

Jobs youth was just like another normal kid, with no interest in initial studies. Over the years, he made friend with some computer freak kids. And in 1968, Steve jobs got a summer job in HP(Hewlett Packard) at the young age of thirteen. He worked at HP for sometime and went on for higher studies. And round, 1973s, Steve also travelled to India for spiritual knowledge. Stayed in India for about 7 months and visited places like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

After his visit, jobs started attending various computer clubs with his computer geek friends. And in late 1970s he co founded Apple Inc with his computer geek friend. Since the launch, the company became famous and went changes over the period of time. Products like Apple 1, the Apple Linux, and later on IPods, iPhones, MacBooks and iPad evolved.

Steve Job was a very idealistic and innovative man. He worked very hard to make Apple Inc, the company as today it stands. Today, Apple Inc, is a trillion dollar company based in USA. It is one of the best tech companies in the world. Todya, It has its hold in almost all the countries worldwide and has many regional centres across the world.

However, over the period he too had his personal problems, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Under went series of health improvement therapy and transplant. But unfortunately passed away in 2011. But his legacy still continues in the company. Forbes, Fortune magazines have named Steve Jobs as one of the most powerful persons in business. He was one of a kind person with a totally different and game changer mind set. Today all of us remember him as a great human being.

Creativity is just connecting things. -Steve Jobs