Before you read my thoughts or what I mean by the heading of this article ; you should know that most of my opinions on things come from lolgical and liberal ideologies. These opinions can usually only be taken up in a perfect world (that doesn't exist). These ideas do not take into consideration other problems one might be facing in real life .

So extended teenage refers to the problem of adults (18-24) still dependent on their parents for quite literally everything. Adults being spoon-fed at this age is usually a common problem in collectivistic cultures e.g: India.

This lack of basic freedom and autonomy to young adults is cancer. It has made our generation less intellectual and productive than our individualist peers. Our paths of becoming financially independent are being delayed due to lean practices.

Parents think that by controlling our first few years of adulthood they can lead us into better career paths . However for most of us , they are wasting time. We will either not excel at our jobs or change our careers later in life . Lack of independence has hindered my ability to explore . Maybe college is not the right option to find our purpose in life . Most engineering students hate engineering because they don’t know if they have a choice to do anything else . Factors are parental pressure and lack of knowledge of their interests. We half heartedly skimp throughworkload provided by our parents. Rather than working towards our goals in life . Rather than being accountable for our own life and decisions and working towards them ; we tosh our ways through the 20s until then it’s too late to go back and start what we love . I'm 18 years old . My parents pay all of my bills . I want to contribute to those bills . I can't pay 100% of them . But maybe if I start to contribute, I’ll be able to show them that I'm not a little kid anymore and I'll be okay if they don’t interfere with absolutely every decision of mine . And I don't say this in some rude fashion of disregarding my parents ,or what they have done for me . But I'm saying that a part of our education is learning from making mistake.

I have started doing internships and I do alot of mistakes over there . I learn about my strengths and weaknesses, interests and preferences. I think that effective communication is the key to overcome one’s fears and weaknesses easily. It minimises the chances of commiting or repeating mistakes. What I encourage you to do is try to become more self sufficient as fast as possible . Its difficult and uncomfortable, but its actually what's best for you and your life.



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Thank you Aditi 🌸
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