Modern technologies have definitely benefited our lives from health care to space exploration, communication to work efficiency , offering solutions to all our world problems. And we just can’t imagine our lives without it any longer. But with great benefits also comes great drawbacks. With the rise of the Internet, smartphones, and other similar devices, we are always connected to the Internet, and though it has made our lives easier and enjoyable, it has also made us dangerously dependable on modern technology and social media, whether we like it or not. Being online all the time is not only possible, but it has become a de-facto universe for many of us.

With that arises a whole new set of social problems, such as Social Media Addiction. It might sound harmless, but as we encounter depression, anxiety, and negative body image issues, all these are just the tip of the social media addiction iceberg. Today we are nothing but prisoners in our own digital advancements.

The concept of faking a “perfect” life on social media has been around almost for as long as social media itself. Not everyone is actually as they seem online. So don’t hide your insecurities just because what you see online is different to yourself.

Those things you call “flaws” are what make us beautiful and unique. If we were all the same we would live in a really worthless world. So let’s embrace who we truly are and what we look like. At the end of the day we are all nothing but just flesh sacks that want to be loved. Look past yours and others appearance and focus on their minds, their personalities and value of the person that you have in your life, emotionally not physically.

Ironically, the best way for us to educate and reach people to inform about the growing issue of social media addiction is through social media itself. However, if it gets the message across, then we will. Social media addiction is just like any other addiction, it is a temporary escape from one’s intrusive thoughts and pain with long term effects such as social anxiety, incorrect dopamine levels and sleeping problems. If you believe that you are someone who knows someone might have an issue with their social mecia usage help them seek assistance to overcome this issue. Even if you think that it’s you, you should try your very best to overcome this addiction and live a prosperous life.



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