Put yourself in places that make you nervous the most. Nerves are really the only way to know that you’re being stretched and know your capability . If there hasn’t been a moment of nerves in your life , it might be worthwhile asking if you’re pushing hard enough to reach where you want to be.

life gets better once we start doing our own thing. Stop comparing yourself to others and if that means getting rid of social media then get rid of it. It means to stop the negative self talk. It means to look ahead of yourself, not behind, not to the side. Pay no attention and importance to the strangers around you until you can look at them and feel peace and content in your heart that you are doing just fine and so are they. You do not have to compromise your self love and care just because someone else is beautiful, successful etc. You can be beautiful and successful too. It becomes easier once you start paying attention to yourself, your own happiness. your own comfort, your own care and love. Pay no attention, speak words of kindness, and enjoy what you have.

How To Stay Positive

  1. Live authentically and be who you truly desire to be. To quote Dr. Suess, “There is no one alive that is you’er than you.” Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to impress people. You will always be the happy when you are being your true self.

  2. Contribute to your environment in any way that you can. Even if it is picking up garbage on your way home from work, or giving money to a homeless person on the street, and you will become a more positive person if you are giving back.

  3. Be grateful. Acknowledge how fortunate you are and be thankful for things that you have even simple things like heating, food, and shelter. If you are grateful then you will always be able to think more positively.

  4. Be optimistic. If you missed out on a show or something important, learn the lesson from your mistakes and do not repeat it again. Move on with a positive takeaway.

  5. Surround yourself with positive people. If you spend most of your time with negative people you’ll become more negative. When you are around positive people you will become more positive yourself.

  6. Spread positivity and happiness. Compliment someone’s new clothes or new hair cut, hold doors open for people, smile at strangers and share inspirational quotes with your friends and family. You will feel so much better, happier and positive if you make someone else feel that way.

May the next few months of your life be a period of magnificent transformation


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Anonymous  •  1y  •  Reply
Great. Check my articles too.
Profile of Amy Braun
Amy Braun  •  1y  •  Reply
Love this mindset. I try to follow this everything!
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Nursery Rhymes  •  1y  •  Reply
Hey Meena, I like your list of things to remember :) No matter what, I'm always in my comfort zone. :) Happy blogging.
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Marjorie Nazaire  •  1y  •  Reply
We grow when we leave our comfort zone and the challenges make us stronger.
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Well noted pretty girl, can I have your facebook url?
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That is true..challenges really make you better. ]
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Poorna Banerjee  •  1y  •  Reply
Positive vibes matter - I feel this every single day.
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Tracy Albiero  •  1y  •  Reply
I am finally at the point where I don't care if everyone likes me. Those I care about love me and that is all that matters. You can't please everyone!
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Wow i love this positive vibes.
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