Things I Wish I Knew Before I Closed My Teen Chapters.

Meenakshi Nair
Aug 12, 2020   •  34 views

Teenage is a rough time as well as an experimental time; The rush of hormones, mood and body changes, plans for the future, fooling around like nobody’s business. The time where your parents say “be responsible like an adult but you cannot do this because you still are a child” is oddly confusing.

 Life lessons take time to reach you, because till now for sure I can say that most of the life lessons listed here came into the light from the day I grew out of my teen sphere of life.

I almost felt that I was put into a sudden change of coming of age phase that led me to think life in another direction.


Take a look at this list, maybe you could benefit from it too.

The 21 most effective life lessons that helped me to look at my life with ease and comfort.

1)      People don’t like it when you keep complaining about things. – Just stop complaining! it’s not going to take you anywhere but instead lower your energy and the people who listen to you.

2)      Live your life on your terms and ideologies, because nothing else matters – When you have people around you, they will give you hundreds of opinions in thousands of different ways. Which can be so confusing that you forget what mattered to you.

It is okay to have an opinion on your own.

3)      This leads to the third most important thing I learnt to stay sane - don’t try to fight with stupid or ignorant people on important issues. I can guarantee that you will find so much peace within you when just nod along and let them have their moment of stupidity and feel good about it rather than losing your energy on them.

 4)      Spending more time reading books rather than wasting time on social media – I am not saying you to quit social media, it is helpful to an extent when not used excessively. Helps you stay up to date and know so much on what’s happening.

Using too much of social media can distract you. While spending that time with books is so much more enriching than ever.

5)      Stop idolising random celebrities and get inspired by the people who make changes in the world.

6)      Pay more attention to your thoughts, what you think you attract – yeah that sounded insane when I first it. But trust me when I paid attention to my inner thoughts it was exactly and unknowingly worked to have that result. Like thoughts attracts like reality.

7)      Drink plentyyyy of water – that helps. Surprisingly if you start drinking a considerable amount of water almost all your health problems like light-headedness, or tiredness or low energy or maybe your skin problems will just vanish because water purifies.

8)       First seek and then to understand – Listen before you talk, because this gives you a lot more perspective to what you can tell them. Listening helps you grow.


9)      Take a 100% responsibility for your life and the choices you make. – There will be events that are not under your control, but the way you choose to react can make a difference.

It is all in your control.

10)   Staying organised and completing tasks can help with a lot more time to relax and chill out.

11)   Smile often – it gives out something positive to look at. Smiling can change your mood instantly, because mostly when you smile you receive a genuine smile as well.

12)   It is okay to have male best friends, period.

13)   Learn basic life skills like cooking and cleaning, its all very cute when you don’t know how to do it when you are little, but it’s kind of embarrassing when you grow older.

Learn to grow.

14)   Treat people how they want to be treated not how you want to be treated, because people are different and may not be the way you think they are.

15)   People don’t think about you all the time. Yeah because they have their own worries to ponder about.

16)   Your sleep cycle is important, don’t compromise on your good night sleep because that has got a direct impact on your health.

17)   Figure things out, yourself. Learning to do small and important things on your own stays with you forever.

18)   Be more vulnerable to emotions, thoughts, relationships so that you get a wider perspective of what is around you.

19)   Communication is the key, anything you want or share can help you in the time of needs. People will have a chance to help you out when you tell them and let them know, especially your parents and close ones.

20)   Give it a shot! It’s the best time to take risks that will help you in the long run. You can discover more than you can imagine.


21)   You are never alone. Don’t think it’s just you facing this world, some people will be there around you no matter what, keep them close to you.

When I reflect on things, I think these are few of the best life practices that I long to keep within me to keep myself sane in the most difficult times that may come.

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