Ayyeee !!! It's a festive time… Today is Eid and the first thing that would come to anyone's mind is sweets and the sumptuous meal that will be prepared and served. One can't surely keep calm and going gaga over the desserts. No matter what, if you are fond of sweets or not try these Hyderabadi desserts ones in your lifetime which is worth the money and experience.

1) Sheer Khurma

Also known as Sheer Khorma. It is a pudding made of dates, dry fruits , milk , sugar, vermicelli by muslims on Eid-ul-Fitr. Conventional fair for muslim. They serve Sheer Khurma as breakfast and a dessert for celebrations. This special dish is served to the visiting guests all over the day.

2) Falooda

Very popular dessert. It can be a meal in itself. Prepared using vermicelli, sabja, rose syrup, dry fruits often topped with ice cream. This dessert is specially served on Islamic holidays and other occasions.

3) Phirni

Once again from the house of Nizam. Light and delicious creamy rice-based dessert sprinkled with rose water to enhance flavor.

4) Qubani Ka Meetha

In Urdu, Khubani or Khobani is apricot. Qubani ka meeta is an indian sweet made from dried apricot topped with crispy dry fruits and ice cream. It is a very popular dessert of Hyderabadi cuisine and very common at Hyderabad weddings.

5) Shahi Tukda

A classic dish from nawabs made of Bread along with condensed milk or cream, sugar, dry fruits, cardamom, and rose water. This Shahi tukda also has a Hyderabadi cousin in "Double Ka Meeta" which resembles each other in taste and appearance the only difference is thickness.

6) Mauz Ka Meetha

It is also called as "Banana Sweet" of Hyderabad. This dish is prepared with oodles of bananas cooked with milk, ghee and loads of dry fruits. This popular food is easy to find in streets and restaurants as compared to others.

7) Jauzi Halwa

Right from the house of Nizams. Jauzi ka Halwa found in Hyderabad considered as one of the classical dishes. This sweet isn't for light-hearted ones. The halwa is packed with a crazy amount of ghee, spices, and sugar.

8) Shahjahani Meetha

Rarest and hidden recipe from Hyderabadi cuisine also called as "Tomato Halwa". Made from less tangy tomatoes, khoya, ghee and dry fruits.

9) Badam ki Jali

Originally not a famous dish but as time passed it created a motion among sweet lovers. One of the finest dishes available in various shapes and sizes popularly found in weddings. The recipe differs from place to place and is a closely guarded secret. However, the basic ingredient remains the same – almonds or cashews.

Enjoy the festive season and relish this desserts. Do let us know which one would you love to grab first...



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