It was the 12th of May,2019 when I had almost given up on my search for internships. My friend (also a fellow wryter here) then suggested me to apply for the startup called Wrytin. At first, I was sceptical about this internship as I was not very confident of my blogs. Pushing those negative thoughts away, I applied for an internship and got selected on 16th May 2019.

Even after publishing 2-3 articles, I was having ambivalent thoughts about them. that's when my mentor really motivated me. Her guidance changed my negative outlook towards my work and my confidence shot up. I always wanted to write informative articles and Wrytin provided me with a platform to do so. Thank you so much for this experience.

I know getting a hefty amount of views on your articles here is a tough job, so in my final article, I would like to suggest some ways you can try to help increase views on your articles.

  • Choose the topics of your article carefully and stick to that specific genre. Write articles according to those topics which have the capacity to go viral. Or if you are writing informative articles, then choose only those topics which you think will be beneficial for the viewers. Also, appealing thumbnails and catchy titles for your wrytups.

  • It's time to be active on social media. Share your articles on your college and family groups. On average everyone, these days have 200 contacts. Imagine the amount of traffic these contacts can bring to you!You can also try answering questions on Quora and posting your article links there as an answer. Share your articles on Pinterest. These techniques can help a lot if you are behind your target by a small margin.

  • Keep your content memorable by pasting at least 2-3 pictures per wrytup. Today's readers aren't fascinated by reading page after page of solid text. Our articles need to be broken up into smaller paragraphs, bullets, blockquotes and subsections. Similarly, one or more images will help add colour and interest to your article and break up all that text.

These were some tips which I learnt through my experience as a wryter here and if you think that these tips will help you, do drop a comment below.



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নিজস্বতাপূর্ণ লেখা …👍👍
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Great. Check my articles too.
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This is really good