Smartphones are an important part of our lives. Their aspectis increasing day by day. The machine on your palm, is literally ruling the world.So why not manage it in a more better way. Here are some tips that you can try :-

  • Biometric security for apps

If you are using a smartphone,then you probably have a number of apps installed in it. Some of them may be financial apps,like your paytm,etc.So what if you add a security to them?Biometric security acts just like your lock screen security. It contains patterns that you can set and will work accordingly. Also,if someone wants to unlock it and fails after a trial,that security app will take that person's picture without him / her knowing about it. So you can look at the person and identify later on when you'll open the app. Many Android phones have this system inbuilt in their settings.In case if your phone doesn't have it you can install such third party security apps fromGoogle Playstore. Apps like Norton app lock

  • Type with your voice

Won't it be nice if your phone functioned like the ones inSci fi movies?Like taking instructions just by hearing you?Well apparently you can.Android users have a system called Google voice typing. You just have to go to your settings and enable it. You can search through Internet,switch on and off your phone,make calls,start music etc through voice commands. Typing?Who does that?

  • Get alerted for important calls

Suppose you get a lot of calls throughout the day. Among them onlya few are actually important. The rest are either telecallers or spams. So how can you avoid it?Don't worry,your smart phone has a way. Go to your settings and enable The Do Not Disturb (DND)option. Select the phone numbers that are important,alarms you want to set etc. DND will exclude your selected items and will turn off alerts for all the unnecessary notifications.This system can be enabled or disabled whenever you need.

  • Block Spammers

Tired of all the spammers that irritate you every day?Here is the solution. Android users can download an app called True caller from Playstore. This app enables you to know the identity of the caller,block spammers instantly and add a tag on them. It would manage your calls efficiently and help you get a disturbance free environment.