While it's a common notion that staring at your phone for long hours may numb your brain, a number of apps can actually help to keep your mind fit.

The braintrainingappsoffernumerousstyles ofmini-games that puta numberof yourmental skills to thetest,as well aslong and short term memory, maths skills and focus.Several studies have shown thelongpositive effects oftaking part inthe games forindividualswithmental state problemslikeemotional disorderandinsanity,as wellas healthyindividuals.

Elevate Brain Training

Elevate - Brain Training is a free Android gaming application thathelps you tobeara customized educational programthatought toimprove yourunderstanding skills.The appis meantto enhance your focus, speaking skills,processspeed, memory,aptitudeskills,and lots of other skills. The more you'll train with the app, the faster you'll improve your confidence and prodictivity.


Peak was chosen as one ofthe highest-rated braintraining apps, that was chosen as Best App in 2014.The appprovides options ofoverfortydistinctivegames thataredeveloped by neuroscientists and gameconsultantsto challenge your Memory, Attention,determination, Mentaldexterity, Language, Coordination,Creativity andEmotionalmanagement.It hasoptions fora ‘personal trainer’known asCoach,whocanassist youto seek outthe correctworkoutatthe correcttime to push your skills to themaximum.

Peak also has a competitive feature which allows you to compete with friends by comparing your brain map and game performance.

Brain Trainer Special

Brain Trainer Special isAndroid application which contains games thatmake you memorize letter sequences, phone numbers andprovidesdifferentmathematical problemsto keepyour mind in tip-topform. The problemlevelsvaryfromstraightforwardto brain-tinglinghard difficullt questions.


Considered byseveralas the"original" braincoachingapp, Lumosityhas been installedbyovereighty fivemillionfolksacrossthe world. The app consists ofoverfiftycolourfuland fun minigames designedto coach5psychological featurefunctions: speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving.

Lumosity's gamesarecreated withthe assistanceofoverone hundredresearchers fromround theworld.Moreover, theirweb sitecites a study ofoverfour thousand seven hundred adults that found that braincoachingwith Lumosity improvedtheir mental agility more than crosswords.


One ofthe foremostcomprehensive apps is CogniFit,thatnotsolelyprovides braintraininggameshowever additionallyhelpsto spotyour risk ofgetting affected bymental illness.

Itprovidesa spreadof challenges, games and puzzles designedto judgeand improve your memory, attention, concentration, reasoning, planning, mentallegerity, coordination anda lot of other skills.

Apart from healthyindividuals, the appmay alsobe used asa part ofa rehabilitation programme forindividualswith mental conditions,as well asdementedness, insomnia,andlearning disorder.

CogniFit can be downloaded from theApp StoreorGoogle Play Store.