Air India is the largest carrier out of India and the airline owned by the government of India.
Incredible India is also known for Air India airline that is a national air carrier. It is owned by Air India Limited which is controlled by the government of India.

It has both Airbus and Boeing in its fleet and flies to over 90 domestic and International destinations.

The airline was founded in 1932 by J. R. D. Tata, and at that time it was known as Tata Airlines.
After World War II, Tata Air was renamed as Air India.
The operations started in July 1946. The logo of the company is a flying red swan with orange Konark wheel inside it.

The airline was launched with the objective to provide convenient air connectivity to the people of the country.

Here are some facts about Air India you must know if you are an aviation aspirant:

1.Air India first logo.
The first Air India logo that was finalized by the founder of the company, J.R.D. Tata was a centaur. It basically was a stylish version of what you can best describe as a Sagittarius shooting an arrow pointing towards the sky. It was designed within a circle, which was believed to represent the wheel of Konark. The centaur in the logo was known to symbolize an idea that aims for higher spiritual ideal and lesser-known traits, which as we all know are the powers of a Sagittarian.

2. World’s first all-jet airline.

On 21 February 1960, Air India was tagged as the first Asian airline that had introduced a jet aircraft in its fleet, as it launched its first Boeing 707-42. Further, on 11 June 1962, Air India was known as the world’s first all-jet airline.

3. Flight AIC001 is reserved for Indian dignitaries.

The Air India One, also known as Boeing 747 is always reserved for the President, the Prime Minister and other prominent Indian dignitaries. The flight is designed like a well-equipped workplace with a lot of room to take rest. It includes a stylishly designed bedroom and a conference room and its well-equipped with services like internet, fax, satellite phone and other necessities to make sure work doesn’t stop. Besides, eight experience pilots are always on duty to fly the VVIP to any destination across the globe.

4. Biggest Evacuation in history.

On 2 August 1990, Saddam Hussein Revolutionary Guards entered Kuwait and took control of the country within 3 days. That move took many Indian citizens by surprise and the majority of them were eager to leave the war zone.

The massive community was evacuated in just 59 days with the help of 488 flights that evacuate 111,000 Indians back to the homeland. It has been the biggest evacuation in the history of mankind to date.

5. The true wanderer.

J.R.D. Tata was known for wandering on flights, checking everything right from the level of wine poured into glasses to the hairstyles of the air hostesses.

If he saw a dirty airline counter he would wipe it himself, compelling his staff to go beyond their call of duty by his example.

6. Fleet.

As of March 2019, the Air India (excluding fleet of subsidiaries – Alliance Air and Air India Express) fleet consists of the following aircraft:

1. Airbus A319-100 - 22 in service.
2. Airbus A320-200 - 13 in service.
3. Airbus A320neo - 21 in service.
4. Airbus A321-200 - 20 in service.
5. Boeing 747-400 - 4 in service.
6. Boeing 777-200LR - 3 in service.
7. Boeing 777-300ER- 15 in service.
8. Boeing 787-8 - 27 in service.
As a part of the financial restructuring, Air India sold five of its eight Boeing 777-200LR aircraft to Etihad Airways in December 2013.

According to the airline, plans for introducing ultra-long flights with service to Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles were cancelled due to factors like high fuel prices and weak demand.

Air India flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco have been resumed with more new international destinations.

On 24 April 2014, Air India issued a tender for leasing 14 Airbus A320 aircraft for up to six years, to strengthen its domestic network.

Air India has purchased many Boeing 787-8 dreamliners to strengthen international operations.

These are the top six facts about Air India.

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