It is normal to experience feelings of sadness and despair in response to adverse life events. Such events could include loss, major life changes, stress, or disappointment. In most cases, the sad feelings resolve as you come to terms with the changes in your life. In situations such as bereavement, these feelings may persist for months and return at significant times, such as birthdays and anniversaries related to the lost loved one. Provided you have times when you can enjoy things, however, this sadness is not a sign of depression.

Depression is common. One in three people will experience a major depressive episode at some stage in their lives. While most cases of depression are mild, about one person in ten will have a moderate or severe episode.

Depression is a type of extensive feeling. It’s almost as if you are in a dark room with no light of scope. Hope disappears and the things you used to find enjoyable become a chore. Even winning something would not help someone out of depression and it is never a good idea to tell someone who is depressed to sort themselves out and pull themselves together.

It's the fight you have to do by self.
Here the five simple ways to overcome from depression:

Don't sit and think about the past, schedule your day and work to transform the self. Get busy so that you can't think of it. Depression can strip away the structure from your life. One day melts into the next. Setting a gentle daily schedule can help you get back on track.

Regular exercise has benefits for helping to overcome depression. Exercise releases endorphins which improve natural immunity and improve mood. Besides lifting your mood, regular exercise offers other health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, protecting against heart disease, cancer and boosting self-esteem. Experts advise getting half an hour to an hour of moderate exercise, such as brisk walking at least three to four times per week.

Make a diet schedule and try to make it healthy, focus on healthy food that provides stamina to fight. Avoid junk food if you want to improvise self.

Depression tends to make you overthink which results in overeating.
Optimising your diet plan helps in overcoming depression.
Depression can make it hard to get enough shut-eye, and too little sleep can make depression worse.
Start by making some changes to your lifestyle. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Try not to nap. Take all the distractions out of your bedroom. Check out my previous article on how to sleep better.

Go for a walk or read a book,
Try a new food recipe or play with kids,
Do something new every day that makes you feel happy.
When you’re depressed, you become a living dead. Push yourself to do something different.

Once you give up you become dead. Life is all about hustle if you stop self you can't transform yourself.

Depression can make you want to hide away from the world and disappear. It’s okay to take some time out but give yourself a time limit and then do something productive to improve your mood.

It's all about making your day productive and not giving up!

Look life is a race if you stop you will fail, so start running and transforming it into a better version.

These are some ways to overcome depression.
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