5 Ways To Handle Flight Passengers Smartly

Sparsh Mathur
Apr 12, 2019   •  1070 views

Cabin Crew is the job where you have to give preference to customer service. A Flight Attendant is trained to help passengers by securing their journey and making them feel pleasant.

Every day, flight attendants have to deal with unruly passengers. That is always a challenge since at 30 000 feet you can’t call the authorities to solve the problem. It’s the cabin crew job to take care of the situation without creating disorder onboard.

When it comes to in-flight safety protocols, the airline staff is trained to be prepared for four levels of threat:

Level 1: Not listening to the crew.
Level 2: Repeating unruly behavior despite the verbal warning.
Level 3: Assaulting a crew or damaging airline assets.
Level 4: Trying to break into the cockpit to hijack the plane.
The Cabin Crew is well trained to contemplate the situation and to follow the protocols accordingly to the level of threat.

Still, sometimes you have to use your emotional intelligence to understand the situation.
You can't use the same rules on every person; you have to consider the needs of the passenger. You have to understand them and their demands.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes but never lose your authority.
Here are the five ways to handle an angry passenger:

Whatever the situation is the Cabin Crew should remain calm and polite, understand the situation and then react according to it.

If the passenger remains angry and edgy than follow the leads and take strict action about it.
Sometimes rudeness crumbles in the face of courtesy. Even when it doesn't, anger may feel good but rarely accomplishes much and can quickly get out of hand.

Sometimes people love to talk with the Crew. It is important to understand the customer’s behavior and where the annoyance stems from. They may be tired and hungry or dismayed that their long-awaited vacation isn’t going according to plan. Most situations can be settled with a genuine apology and some small compensation like a complimentary chocolate bar or extra drink free of charge.

Put yourself on the passenger level. If you get down on your knee in the aisle it will be a position less threatening to passengers.

Your posture defines your intelligence, standing straight while listening argument defines superiority.

If you think the situation is getting out of control than ask for help from other crew. Showcase the teamwork and assist the passenger.

While the aircrew always has each other’s backs in difficult situations, often other passengers have also been helpful, although you are trained to deal with them without external help.

The last option is to take a stopover and file a report against the passenger so that airport police can handle the further process.

Aggressive passengers in danger of hurting themselves or others can be handcuffed by the cabin crew.

These are the ways followed by Cabin Crew to handle the angry passengers.
The above information is according to the answers of Flight Attendants on Quora.
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