A Peek Into India's Offbeat Beach Towns : It's Not Just About Getting Sun And Wind

Mansi Rohilla
May 24, 2019   •  36 views

With Indian coastline larger than that of Europe's, certainly the former got much more to offer beach towns to explore out!

These towns are varied in terms of diverse culture they employ, all worth attracting as the cultural diversity is getting more intensed and respected throughout world.

Gokarna :

Gokarna in karnataka is famous for its chill party ever brewing. It is also a hub for college-going hipsters willfully shunning the now-mainstream Goa.

Not only a place for college going hipsters but it attracts tourists from all over the world. International tourists are attracted by the spiritual vibe it offers in various pilgrimage spots.

Apparently, Gokarna is getting hip and happening.

Digha :

A hotspot for seafood-loving people, Digha is known where every bengali has headed atleast once. Due to its availability of sea-food in abundance one can grab fresh fish at dirt cheap cost. There are almost no waves frothing since the beach is calm and silent. Sea at Digha is shallow for about a mile from the beach which makes it perfectly safe for any water sports activity to indulge in - swimming, scuba diving, jet ski-ing and surfing - the beach has it all for tourists.

Seven pagodas of Mallapuram :

(Picture source: India.com)

For all historical monument lovers, this is a perfect destination to be. Seven pagodas in Tamil Nadu is not only about ancient carvings and religious places. What's more to this place is the huge waves hitting by the shores of this port which offers a hub for surfers. A pizza-pasta serving international area is also available known by the name - Othavadai. This food centre no doubt is making the place more cosmopolitan.

Coconut island and Thonsepar :

This spot is a set of small islands in the Udupi district and is known for its geological structures. What makes it unique in the country is the hexagonal rocks made up of basaltic lava which lines up these beaches. They say Vasco da Gama was the first one reaching this island before he reached to Kappad beach (near Calicut) while he traced a sea route to India.

Dhanushkodi :

(Picture source: india.com)
Also known as ghost beach in Tamil Nadu has to offer eerily stunning remains of the life once existed there. One can't go and stay at Dhanushkodi but one can sure get thrilled with its stunning vibes.

The place is abandoned ever since a cyclone and tectonic activity hit the place, swarming it with flood.

Konani :

Located at Ratanagiri district, this spot is famous for its turtle festival happening at the pace when Olive Ridley variety of turtles come there and lay their eggs. One can witness thousands of adorable turtle babies getting hatched from those eggs and crawl their way up to the ocean, then and there. This spot also offers a treat to bird-watchers.

Surely these Indian beaches has to offer more than just sun and wind. Perfect spots for those who want to explore unique beaches on Indian coastline.



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Such a nice information about India's some beautiful Beaches.....
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Beautiful place..another destination added to bucket list👍