Pune is an educational hub. Several students come here and get settled. This huge city has around 6.7 million people. Everyone are not good enough to purchase all the brand products. Street shopping can provide not only with the employment but also even with variety of choices of clothing.

Let's know some famous Street Shopping places in Pune.

FC road

This road is huge single lane, having several small roads within it. You may find all the fashion clothing , branded clothes and even the street shopping. The clothes here are very cheap and affordable. You may find plenty of variety. Besides that, all the daily accessories you need are available here. A good place to shop according to your needs. This places is not only famous for clothing but you will find each multinational eateries here. It is too great to explore and come here to spend your good time.

MG road/ Fashion street

A best place to roam around. All the basic things are happen to be there like books, ornaments, some cheap clothes like scarfs, kurti, t shirts & many more. This particular road even have a mall where you can find all the brand stores. If you dont like street shopping, this road even provides you with a Mall to explore. Moreover, amazing Street food is also available here.


When I would like to purchase some traditional things, this place to shop will be the perfect one. All the things you get here are quite reasonable. It has lot of crowd and many people do visit on regular basis. All the things you get here are not more than ₹500. An huge varieties of chappals, shoes are also found. The clothes here are meant to be street selling clothing.

Laxmi road

A long running way having many shops of immense styles. Small shops having better standard clothes and amazing factor of varieties are found here. You can have great purchase on this main street, with affordable price. It has huge rush especially at times of festives. A great place to visit and explore.

Pune is a big destination for shoppers. Street shopping play a major contribution in it. Many people arriv here to shop for themselves in least rates. If you want some branded clothing, even they are equally available here.

This city is a fashion hub for all growing youth, to adopt a good sense of style and represent in the best way they can.



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