Sports is competitive physical effort towards health and wellness. The amazing sportswear brands help you to maintain your body fit & healthy. Sports is something which refreshes you everytime. Let's check the taglines of each brand.


Just like the other large cats, puma shows as spirit guides symbolize a fiercely protective nature. Their silent whisper and movements as well as eternal, uncalculated wisdom make them the perfect guardian for those who need it. When they choose to approach, their movements are explosive yet precise and perfectly calculated. The leap of panther signifies smooth in action and capable of with a line of danger. It is a company who is reaching great heights every year. The most trustworthy and quality products are provided by the company " Puma".


The three stripes become trademark for the Adidas. The three stripes come from their 3 striped shoe design, but also form the shape of a mountain, which represents the challenges athletes face during their run. The symbol of three stripes have in itself has become great attraction for customers to buy. This tagline initiates people to buy its kind of product.


The Nike logo, also known as the ‘Swoosh’ – is the easiest logo imaginable, consisting of only two lines. And yet, this remarkable logo represents billions of dollars worth of accumulated branding and marketing associations.

The shape depicts an arc of movement expressing that everything is going correctly. Nike is one of the highest sport manufacturer in the world.


Reebok is back in the competition with its new “Delta” logo which was revealed a year ago, as part of the brand's new positioning system which focuses on fitness. The company have always created a special place in consumers heart. They have assured customers to provide the same trusted products back again.

Adidas acquired all the share of Reebok and completed about 3.8 million shares in it.


The Fila logo is one of the most unique logo ever created. The red bar makes the initial unique in the Fila logo, and it represents vitality, passion and vigor. The blue color representS trustworthiness of the brand. It has such an attractive special logo.

Fila sportswear is growing and creating amazing fashion style especially shoes. Many bollywood celebrities have chosen Fila as their daily gym buddy.

Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper brand is an English clothing company, which is operating worldwide, this assures the quality of the products including denim jeans. The head office is located in London, England. The logo defines the real denim stuff.

These multinational companies of sportswear are favoured globally.