Dress to express, not to impress.

Each of us has different lifestyle, someone might be working in agricultural, some in secondary, some might be employee's others would be a businessman. There is importance of every place, every sector and to have a successful environment in working place, you need to follow some guidelines.

The way you get dressed at your working place defines lot about you.

If you are a professor or a teacher it is necessary for you to be dressed simple and sober. A industrialist or businessman have to maintain the high standards, so they must maintain their dignity and posture. The formal wear with clean shoes can work well. If you are a sport or gym trainer, you can wear cool shorts and a jersey for casual look. The employees in the office should also be well cleaned dressed. This shows the respect you owe for the company.

It is not only about the responsible people, even the students in school, colleges have to follow a proper dress code. This may not be their occupation, but at that very age, this is all manners and etiquettes to be followed.

The traditional people or community living in small localities wear their hand woven or ethnic style clothes which they have adopted for such long years. This is also sort of occupation for them to bring out the historic clothes to still survive in the market. This are attracted by the foreigners and tourists. This occupation plays important role at global level.

There is a typical uniform designed in professional courses. Like, if you are a pilot, train tc, police commander, or a navy police. You need to follow government dress uniform. This shows your effort towards the nation.

Irrespective of the work they do, some people just wear a simple saree or a piece of shirt. They owe themselves as not that high qualified people.

This world is made for a reason. It is just so natural that we all gather as a society and perform different sort of work just to accomplish everyone's standard of living. Let it be a small work or the CEO of any company at the end it is all about living your own livelihood.

Caste, creed, religion all these equality stuffs does not count on large scale basis. Each of us must be representable in the best way they can. All of us work for their livelihood. Clothes are one of the basic needs for everyone of us. Let’s not be judgemental on the dress code you wear, but let’s pay respect to each of us for their work. This society do believe in the fashion, so its easy for us to understand about one by just looking at their appearances.