This Is What Women Want From Men

Lyne Roger
Sep 17, 2019   •  40 views

Are you a man who is looking for or is "on" with a woman? You are a man who has difficulty being able to understand what women want? Let's unpack whatever secrets women want from a man. "A woman's heart is more than the ocean for a secret." That is a fragment of Kate Winslet's words in the Titanic film that illustrates how difficult it is for men to be able to understand what women want, especially in terms of finding a partner. But actually what women want is sometimes very simple and already exists in the presence of men. It's just that men sometimes forget it. What do women really want from men?

Be honest

Honesty is a fundamental thing that is very important for a woman. Easy women know if they are lied to and it is difficult to forgive liars. If you confess honestly, maybe there will still be a little chance from him. Make him believe in you armed with honesty and sincerity. Women expect men who can be relied upon. So dare to say anything honestly to women.

A good listener

If you want a serious relationship from a woman, make sure your ears are ready to hear whatever the story and the problem. You do not need to give a solution before being asked because actually he is not looking for answers but only needs someone who can listen well without the need for comments. Leave him to bond emotionally with you.

Can protect

Women are known to grow more quickly than men. But an adult woman also wants protection for herself. Women need a man who is calm and in control and can make himself safe and comfortable. Women like men where they can lean on him, not vice versa.


The scent of your body is able to hypnotize a woman in the blink of an eye so that she can always make her want to be near you. Having a fragrant body proves that you really can take care of yourself so that women will believe that you can also take care of them.

Give a surprise

Women like an unexpected surprise from men in the form of food such as chocolate or beautiful items that women love such as flowers. Also give a few beautiful words on a small piece of paper that praises her.

Ideal body

Not only men who want a sexy woman. Women also want a man who has an ideal and tight body like a Hollywood movie actor.

Good clothing style

Women like men who know how to dress well. Do not have to always dress and dress neatly or wear luxury fashion items, a man only needs to express his taste in dress whether elegant, edgy, casual, or sporty. As long as men know when and how to dress, they will get a special place in their eyes.

Good hairstyles

No need to have peaked cut or crown cut hairstyles, a good man's hairstyle is the one that fits your face so that you can highlight the appearance of your face in the eyes of women.

Become a chef

You may have invited your partner or female friend to go to a restaurant that has delicious dishes. But a woman will also love men who can make special dishes for her. Even some

women think that men who can cook are sexy.