If All Teachers Disappear........

Likhitha Raja
May 19, 2019   •  3 views

We Girls will become Butterflies and Boys will become Monkeys. We will be free to fly and to do whatever we want to do. Like Monkeys, Boys will jump and make a heck of noise and Girls like Butterflies will fly around. Our school will become a beautiful small Zoo. Cricket ground will become forests and Savannas for Monkeys to play around and park will become a paradise for us to fly. There will be no uniform for us so our joy has no bounds. Everyday we appear in civil dresses like several colours in paintpot. We sit in teachers chair and throw chalkpieces on one another. We assume ourselves in a Disneyland and Fairytales going around.

We will play all day long and there won't be any studies.

The same routine for months and months.
No teachers to teach us, no homework to be done and no one to punish us.

But life will become boring slowly. If all Teachers Disappear, the entire education system will come to a grinding halt. The youth will become directionless in absence of necessary guidance and knowledge required. The world will be engulfed by illiteracy.

The school or college without teachers is like earth without life. Hope this day never comes.
If All Teachers Disappear......